The path to lasting weight loss

Are you interested in achieving weight loss? Many people do, and many people try their best, but many people also often fail. In this article we would like to highlight some aspects that may help you achieve lasting weight loss.

The weight loss industry

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in which a lot of people are interested in making money in the first place, with your health and weight loss goals as a secondary priority. It is important to understand that many people are simply in it for the money.

Think of how many weight loss programs there are nowadays? Are they all offering something unique? Most are small deviations of other weight loss models and barely contribute additional benefits.

In addition, weight loss diets often don’t succeed. Let’s take a look at why that is.

The biggest pitfall of weight-loss diets

Weight industry businesses create their own models that appear to work for a little while, but often lead to the same pitfall: The diet is not sustainable.

If you decide to deviate from your diet and radically transition into something new, your system gets a shock. And that can be good for some. Someone who overeats regularly may benefit from a calorie-restricted diet. In the short term, these restriction diets lead to weight loss.

But, there comes a point where a person will want to go back to their way of eating as a restriction diet doesn’t last very long.

We need incredible mental strength to stay on a diet for a long time. After the first few weeks, people usually get fed up or get complacent after seeing some great results, and then move back to their old diet and the weight starts increasing again.

So the key point is how to eat a healthy diet that makes it possible to achieve weight loss and that is sustainable at the same time?

The evidence points to plant-based diets for weight loss

Plant-based diets appear to do both: Achieve weight loss and stay on the diet! Dietary studies by people like Dr McDougall, Dr Esselstyn and others have shown that lasting weight loss is achievable! As it appears, the key to weight loss is to eat plant-based.

We encourage you to do your own research and to be responsible when following weight loss programs. Make sure to have the right support network and medical guidance when undergoing such an endeavour.

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