The Importance Of Cherishing Childhood Memories And How To Create Them For Your Child

Childhood memories are the ones you either cherish the most or the ones you hate recalling.

They sculpt your soul, mould your being. They have a bigger impact than any other memories.

The strength of these memories also suggests that the roles of parents and teachers are equally important in the life of any child.

Anything we learn, right or wrong during childhood tends to last for eternity. So carving the wrong memories for a child can impact their growth.

That is why parents should find ways to create amazing childhood memories with their children. 

My childhood memories and how they shaped me…

Why did I turn out to be a dog lover today?

My best childhood memories spin around dogs. I became a dog lover as I was always surrounded by dogs all my life.

My grandfather gifted me a German Shepherd on my 10th birthday. His name was GoGo. This small gesture instilled in me, a love for animals and a passion to nurture them.

Being around my new canine friend taught me much about being patient, honest, loyal and made me passionate about loving animals.

Childhood Memory

How childhood memories shaped my love for escape rooms?

Growing up, I spent the majority of my free time with my father playing board games. You could call me a puzzle addict.

During vacations, when we visited the family farmhouse, my father would create a small scavenger hunt for me, that would lead me from one clue to the other till I reached the “gift” he had hidden under the bed.

My sister and I would love to play these scavenger hunts. Sometimes the gift would be a box full of cookies, and other times chocolates.

Our vacations would never be the same without these hunts. We didn’t realize that our father was secretly giving us lessons on communication, teamwork, and decision-making. 

Little did I know that those fun games that we played on our vacation would take such an adventurous turn. Fast forward to today, these games have evolved into mainstream forms of entertainment – called Escape Rooms.

When I visited the escape room Chicago for the first time, it brought back all my memories. The escape room had all types of games designed for all age groups. Again when I went on a trip to Seattle, I made sure that I visited Fox in a Box Seattle. These escape rooms always take me on a trip down the memory lane.

I am a firm believer in the fact that your childhood has the potential to make or break your life as an adult.

Had it not been for my parents, I wouldn’t have such fond memories of my childhood which continue to inspire me as a lover of puzzles and adventure games, or it wouldn’t have taught me to love animals the way I do.

What are the best memories from your childhood? Does this resonate with you? Share in the comments below.

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