The Fundamentals of Online MBA Programs

With several growing industry sectors and 87 MBA degree-granting colleges, Washington is an excellent choice for MBA students. 

Online MBA programs feature syllabi, course materials, and assignments in digital format. This allows students to stay on track with their study schedule without worrying about misplaced or forgotten material.

Basic Curriculum

An online MBA program can be flexible, allowing you to complete coursework at times that fit your schedule. Unlike traditional full-time MBA programs, which require you to attend classes in person on campus, online MBAs offer a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous courses, with the option to watch lectures or complete assignments at your convenience.

Business schools offer a range of courses that will prepare you to manage your own business or help you make informed decisions about new opportunities. You can choose from entrepreneurship, finance, global management, and marketing concentrations depending on your career goals.

While cost is often a factor in deciding to pursue an MBA, scholarships, and employer tuition reimbursement programs are available to defray costs. Students can also apply for student loans to cover the cost of their degree. 

Elective Courses

Earning an MBA from a reputable state university enables students to take advantage of this growth in one of the top states for business.

The online MBA Washington State program offers is designed to equip graduates with the analytical and leadership skills necessary to succeed in various business management roles. The curriculum covers assessing industry and organizational needs, advancing progressive leadership, and mobilizing teams for success and longevity.

The program is based on nine core subjects that each earn you four credits, with the option to add an emphasis area for an additional two classes and finish at 44 credit hours. It also features a flexible course schedule that allows students to enroll nine times yearly. Students are encouraged to bring their perspectives and experiences to the classroom, creating an inclusive learning environment.

Career Support

Many online MBA students enroll with a post-graduation career goal in mind. Some even change those goals during their MBA program. That’s why some schools offer specialized concentrations to help their graduates find work in a specific industry. Students are equipped with the functional business tools and leadership philosophies needed to succeed in their careers.

The school provides its students with various career support services, including exclusive internship and job postings, professional development coaching and events, and assessment and feedback. Moreover, MBA holders earn up to 50% more than those without degrees. They also have more options for negotiating salaries and advancing their careers. Those factors can make an MBA worth the investment.


Most MBA students enroll with a post-graduation career plan in mind, even if it changes as they work through the program. As a result, many programs strongly emphasize providing opportunities to learn how their degree can be applied in different settings through internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

Unlike the stereotypical student fetching coffee, an MBA intern is usually well-trained to add value to the organization and can offer insights that help managers make better decisions. Interns can also be mentored by a manager who can help them navigate challenges they might face at their current job.

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