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Career and money are always in demand. It is a simple fact that we need money to have a career or to support our families. So many people aim to earn more than enough to cover all their expenses. Many still live on just a little bit of money from their jobs. The sad thing is, most people are not aware of how much they could have if they work smarter and not harder. Most books only give us tips and ways but never give us the keys to success.

Here are some of the central ideas that we have conceived from the books that sum up all the major career and money advice that we know of. These books prescribe us simple, practical solutions that we can use as a tool to rebuild our broken career or start a new one from scratch. They use visual aids tools to define various concepts of finance and are encouraging and uniquely refreshing.  

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Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett And Dave Evans

Designing your work life is not as difficult as it may seem. You can take simple steps to ensure you spend your valuable time doing the things that matter to you. It actually takes in a lot of effort to get to where you want to be in life, but it is entirely possible with the right plan and discipline. If you are unsure about your future or just plain tired of the grind, it is time to start planning for your future.

To design your life, you need to know precisely what your wants and needs are. If you are still working full time, you will have to prioritize your desires over your job. Even if you are actually retired, you will still have to determine how much time you will devote to your career.

Here your career is described as your DNA that nourishes and feeds on your intellect. It would help if you designed something out of your own to survive this mad race. Something so distinct that no one else and copy and escape out of it. 

Napkin Finance by Tina Hay

Napkin Finance is an excellent introduction to college budgeting. It presents the material in an easily understandable, clear, and visually attractive manner. Overall, this has been very fortunate to work with Napkin Finance. Along with Better Make Room, we have been so lucky to work with Napkin Finance co-ops. With this partnership, we have developed simple, easy-to-understanding information that assists students in learning more about advanced topics like filling out the FAFSA application or learning to save towards school. I want to take a moment to discuss our partnership with Napkin basically.

The most important thing that you need to do is engage a visual learner in learning about the subject. If you have an adult struggling to understand some complex financial terms, you can explain it to them in the simplest terms that they can understand. You can then show the visual learner some examples of how one would go about writing a check. The bottom line actually is that if you want to encourage financial literacy in children, you need to get them involved in the learning process as early as possible.

The Passion Economy by Adam Davidson

The Passion Economy is an intriguing blend of economics and passion. The brilliant author and staff writer of NPR’s Planet Money show explain our economy freshly and fascinatingly: laying out both its inner logic and showing the transformational hope it still offers. One thing you’ll learn in The Passion Economy is that economics is often used as just another form of describing what people want, rather than talking about what they need. Many economists try to explain why people are not happy with their current situation, but the book goes much further. Authors Joshua A. Cohen, Amy Trautman, and Maya Frick examine how an economy’s logic can lead to terrible results for those who suffer from it.

The authors argue that economics isn’t merely a matter of choosing which laws or policies to pass. Instead, they claim, economics has become an essential part of our everyday lives, as it dictates so many decisions. The authors declare that the twenty-first century will likely see an “economy of caring” as citizens strive to meet their basic needs while enjoying the freedoms modern technology affords them. The book’s first section looks at how fundamental decisions such as whether or not to go to college or save for retirement are influenced by economic factors. The authors also detail how economics has profoundly affected our culture since the industrial revolution when factory workers would spend days assembling products rather than going out to the gardens or clubs. Today, people go to work before they go home, and they rarely take time off to go out for an evening with friends.

These books are meant to make you financially intelligent. But. It would help if you also focused on your health and treatment as a resource as vital as money. Therefore, you must adhere to foods rich in different minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. Magnesium is vital for your bone health as it helps activate the bone protecting element in vitamins D.Therefore, magnesium deficiency in older age leads to an increased risk of Osteoporosis.

The Entrepreneurial Artist By Aaron P.Dworkin

In The Entrepreneurial Artist: Ten Lessons from Highly Successful Celebrities, Aaron Dworkin provides a convenient, engaging guide for achieving entrepreneurial fulfillment, both professionally and personally. A clear voice of authority, Dworkin is not afraid to challenge convention and stretch traditional logic limits. As he boldly contends in this first book of an eight-volume set of works that address the issues surrounding entrepreneurship, Dworkin is his usual combative self and includes an understated but valuable dose of advice for cultivating creativity. Combining practicality with originality, The Entrepreneurial Artist serves as a clarion call for entrepreneurs at all skill and experience levels–a clear call to action for people who seek more out of life and more from their careers.

The book’s theme is the need to “recycle” creativity through both personal and business life. The term “recycle” itself is somewhat vague but refers to the way people “recycle” themselves through different businesses or organizations. Recycling is not a new idea; the Chinese had recognized it more than a thousand years ago, and the Japanese understood it better than we do today. Recycling means reusing or replenishing items, especially to get something back for less than you paid for it. Recycling gives the used item a more useful or valuable second life and can lead to greater economic welfare for the individual.

Overall, this book is a good primer for aspiring entrepreneurs. The ten steps toward becoming an entrepreneur offer practical suggestions on what a person needs to do to get started in the business world. However, it does not provide blanket advice about how to succeed in business. Instead, it offers advice grounded in ten principles that are reflective of the spirit of the entrepreneur’s business.


The career and money advice we are discussing should hopefully help you find the best position for you in your line of work. Always keep in mind that it will take time and effort to find the ideal place for you. Don’t put off looking. In the long run, you’ll be glad you took the time to look.

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