The Best Ashes of War for the Elden Ring and How to Obtain Them

Not only are you able to equip any weapon (with the exception of Unique Weapons), with whatever special attack (also known as a Skill), you want, but you can also change the weapon’s Affinity so that it better complements your character’s build. Because of this, the potential exists for greater depth of customization of play styles than ever before.

In the Lands Between, you can come across a large number of Ashes of War, almost all of which can be used effectively… provided, at the very least, that you are aware of how to construct around them. For example, the skill Parry is about as fundamental as it gets; it is the default Skill for the Shields of a variety of different starting classes. However, if you know how to time it correctly, it will continue to be an effective strategy for combat all the way up until the very end of the game. There are some that do not require much synergy or skill, if any at all, and stand alone in terms of the sheer power level that they possess. These are the top ten Ashes of War in Elden Ring in terms of overall quality.

Claw of the Lion

This is the Ash of War you want if you’re going for a build that focuses solely on Strength. When used at the appropriate moment, Lion’s Claw is capable of quickly dispatching even the most powerful bosses in the game. When used in conjunction with a long blade, such as the Greatsword, to extend its reach to its full potential, it is at its most potent.

To obtain the Lion’s Claw, you must first vanquish the Lion Guardian located in Fort Gael. To your great fortune, you do not even require any late-game Bleed weapons in order to make use of it. Bloody Slash is available early on in the game, and it will continue to be a potent choice well into the late game. Before performing an upward slash that causes Bleed, it saturates your weapon in blood and causes it to bleed. After a certain point in the game, you will be able to increase your capacity to inflict Bleed damage by dueling wielding and equipping the Seppuku Ash of War on a left-handed armament.

Defeating the Godrick Knight in Fort Haight will award you with the Bloody Slash achievement. Burn is an area of effect damage spell that is caused by Flame of the Redmanes when it hits an enemy in a forward-facing arc. The ability of the Skill to deal significant damage to the posture is, however, where its true strength lies. When it comes to a Critical Attack, even the most powerful bosses can be brought to their knees with just a few well-placed hits.

Arrows Fall Like Rain

If you’re an archer, you should prioritize adding Rain of Arrows to your collection over any other Ash of War card. You can shoot 12 arrows into the air with a single L2, and then those arrows will descend upon your target in a rain of arrows. The fact that you need only draw one arrow from your supply to use Rain of Arrows is what gives this ability its impressive level of power.

It can be difficult to locate the Rain of Arrows. To begin, talk to the Redmane Painting in Sellia, which is located in the Town of Sorcery. After that, travel to Caelid and check out the Eastern Minor Erdtree. You need to make your way to the large pot that is located on the cliff ledge behind the tree, and then you need to carefully make your way down to the bottom by dropping onto the tree branches and the pillars. When you approach the spirit sitting in the chair, it will transform into the Ash of War Rain of Arrows when you do so. It is nothing more than a quicker, longer-distance dodge that temporarily renders you invisible to those around you. It enables you to avoid the most dangerous attacks and then reappear behind the adversary so that you can deal some damage. This Ash of War is an essential component of any player’s arsenal and should be obtained by all.

You’ll need to dispatch the Night’s Cavalry on the bridge near Lenne’s Rise if you want to get your hands on Bloodhound’s Step.(To our good fortune, he can be cheesed.)

Earthshaker, written by Hoarah Loux

  1. It won’t be until close to the end of the game before you can get your hands on some Ash of War, but as soon as you do, it will completely alter the course of the battle
  2. This Ash of War has a significant windup time, but the Super Armor that it grants you is a significant part of what makes it such a powerful Elden Ring item
  3. As you charge up, only the most powerful foes will be able to knock you off balance, making this tactic an excellent option for dealing with large groups of enemies
  4. You can even follow it up with another input for an additional ground slam if you want to

In order to gain access to Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker, you will first need to defeat Godfrey, First Lord of Elden, and then hand in his Remembrance. The Raptor of the Mists ability is essentially a ducking technique that can be used to avoid being attacked. You will not take any damage if you activate it as soon as the enemy makes contact with you, but you will instead be launched into the air and given the opportunity to perform a jump attack if you do so. The timing is difficult to get down, but once you do, the skill opens the door for an entirely new and distinctive way to play in and of itself.

Assist Bloody Finger Hunter Yura in vanquishing his foe to earn Raptor of the Mists, which is located to the north of the Main Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Enemies that were already hurt by the effect will take additional damage from the Black Flame for a period of time after it has ended. It is a very effective method for dealing with large groups of adversaries all at once.

After defeating the Godskin Duo in Crumbling Farum Azula, you will be rewarded with the Black Flame Tornado. It does not deal a significant amount of damage on its own, but its true strength lies in the exceptional ability it possesses to corral all of the adversaries in a congested region. If you then follow up with another large area of effect attack, you will be able to wipe out entire groups in a matter of seconds. It is a dangerous move on its own, but if you have a strategy for how to follow it up, it has the potential to be one of the most effective Ashes of War in the game. The Slender Wayfarer that patrols the area around the bonfire will occasionally drop the Ash of War.

The Charge of the Prelate

  • The remarkable property of Prelate’s Charge is that it is effective against adversaries in both group and individual configurations
  • When you use Prelate’s Charge, you will first slam your armament into the ground, which will cause a plume of flames to be created
  • After this, you will charge forward for as long as your freedom of movement (FP) or stamina will allow
  • Additionally, it works well in conjunction with the Bloodflame Blade Incantation, which imparts bloodflame onto your weapon
  • If you cast this before charging in, you can bleed an opponent to death in a matter of seconds

The Prelate’s Charge is a consumable item that can be obtained from a Teardrop Scarab that can be found in the Fire Monks campsite, which is located south of the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace.


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