The Best 5 NASCAR Drivers In History

NASCAR is responsible for the popularity of stock car racing. With plenty of successful teams and drivers, they have taken racing to a higher level. Being one of the most exciting motorsports, racing enthusiasts follow it with joy. They also keep updated with the Nascar odds. The drivers combine intensity, speed, and strategy for the ultimate win. In addition, we share the best drivers in the history of NASCAR.

Richard “The King” Petty

Richard is known as being the best driver of all time. He comes from a family of drivers, which is a passion for many of his relatives. In his 35-year career, Richard deserved the title “The King.” He is famous for his 200 wins over his career, participating in a total of 1,185 races. He started to drive in the late 50s and finally retired in 1992. Incredibly, he survived three dangerous car crashes. 

Denny Hamlin

Denny is a proud member of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He has impressive achievements, with 30 NASCAR wins. Denny is a fabulous driver that started driving go-karts at a very young age. With only seven years, he began with go-karts. However, he gained massive popularity in 2006 during the Spring Cup, when he became the rookie of the year. Hamlin operates the No. 11 Toyota Camry. One of the interesting facts about his career is that he is considered the most consistent winner. Denny won every year from 2006 to 2017, at least once. 

Kurt Busch

Kurt is one of the NASCAR drivers that deserves his place on this list. Racing runs down his bloodline, as his family was also into driving. With 30 wins, he is a prominent driver that has won NASCAR and Daytona. With his mighty No. 1 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, he is a product driver for Chip Ganassi Racing. Bush is known for his outstanding skills and agility. However, he doesn’t have a spotless reputation in public. This driver is known for having anger issues, and he admitted that he was seeking help from a psychologist. The media has shared information about his verbal abuse and things from his private life, such as cheating on his wife.

Harry Gant

Harry did so much during his 22-year career as a driver. Until his retirement in 1994, he had 18 wins and 208 top-ten finishes. Gant hasn’t won a cup, but he deserves to find a place on this list with his performance. After finishing his career, Harry had a comeback. He appeared on the Southern 500 and amazed everyone. After retiring as a NASCAR driver, Gant dedicated to rural life. He is enjoying his farmhouse, and I am pretty good at carpentry. 

Junior Johnson

Junior Johnson had a pretty short career compared to the other drivers on this list. With only ten years of driving, he managed to score excellent results. With 50 wins in such a short time, Junior became the tenth on the best drivers list. Although Junior retired from his driving position in 1966, he still didn’t abandon NASCAR. Nowadays, he owns a team. And the team has kept his spirit. With over 139 wins, Junior is proud of his team. However, the fact that he has a NASCAR team and his notable wins aren’t the only reason for placing Junior on the top list. He is widely celebrated for discovering drafting. Junior found out that his speed increases if he drives behind another car in a test run. The vehicle ahead blocked the wind resistance, so this is how he managed to win even though his car was way slower than the competitor. 


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