Tennis betting Tips — read how to get some real winnings on tennis betting

The number of available sports discipline in the betting line of the biggest sportsbooks are growing all the time. For example, via the Parimatch website, all the bettors could find the event in more than 40 different sports disciplines. Also, there is a wide selection of popular card games and many other slots that you can play after the simple registration and deposit. But still the most popular there are classic sports such as soccer and tennis. And tennis is the second sport in the TOP-5 the most popular sport here in India (right after cricket). That’s why on this page you will find some great tips for tennis betting and forecast preparation. Remember that before start making bets on tennis it is really important to learn all the rules of such an interesting discipline and try to understand the features of the individual sports.

The main information about the tennis betting – how to bet on tennis online

Tennis only at first sight can look like an easy one. But this is one of the most difficult sports for forecasting and betting. Because even the most famous sportsmen here can game away to the outsider with the odds of about 14.00. The main features of the tennis that you need to know before start betting are:

  • frequent match cancellations due to bad weather;
  • lots of great events to bet on;
  • the comebacks are really common!

Also, some of the PRO level bettors said that the tennis forecasting is really simple but that’s not always true. For sure in tennis, the bettor doesn’t need to analyze the whole team because in the match are meet only two sportsmen. But the number of factors and parameters that should be taken into consideration is really big. So if you know nothing about this sport then better start with the tennis rules and the tournament regulations learning. There are only 9 major tournaments in professional tennis:

  1. Wimbledon
  2. Summer Games Tennis Tournament
  3. BNP Paribas Open
  4. US Open
  5. Australian Open
  6. French Open
  7. WTP Finals
  8. ATP Finals

You will see the best odds and the highest limits on these actual events. Also, there is a lot of information for the analysis and the forecast preparation. 

The best markets to bet on — main and additional markets in the tennis line

So the first step in tennis betting will be tournament selection because based on this decision all the strategies will be built. And for the profitable bets, it’s better to choose the biggest competition because in such tournaments sportsbooks are always offering the best odds and some really wide lines with the basic and additional markets. The standard markets set are represented by bets on:

  • the result of the match;
  • handicaps (can be plus and minus);
  • totals of the games;
  • the set score!

For sure the most popular here is the bet on the result of the meeting which is also the simplest in the forecasting. Only one of the tennis players can become the winner of the match so the chances for the fight forecast is 50/50. 

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