Systemic Coaching for Nurses & Complementary Preparation for The Knowledge Test

Fresh motivation for intensive, additional preparation for the knowledge test.

Our mission is that you successfully pass the knowledge test or so-called medical entrance test! We offer first-class exam preparation for international nurses who are in the process of professional recognition. Our popular online intensive course covers all medical and nursing specialist topics that are part of the knowledge test at the state examination office.

MedicMind is a complementary learning partner during your preparation course or to bridge your waiting time. If you fail the exam, we recommend joint preparation so that the second attempt is successful. Deepen all topics with our qualified specialist lecturers from medicine, nursing, psychology and sociology. Discover our comprehension excursions, oral simulation tests and case-related exercises. Consolidate the knowledge you have brought with you.

Our lecturers have many years of experience in the training of foreign specialists and are able to convey theoretical content in an exciting and sustainable manner as well as to integrate practical knowledge into the teaching in the best possible way. Even though we have the best medicine interview tutors with us to help you guide through your recruitment process. Feel free to contact MedicMind to have a tutor for your medical interview preparation.

With us you will prepare optimally for your exam, because online lessons know no boundaries:

  • Book flexibly in the mornings and / or evenings
  • You are not tied to a specific location and can attend classes from anywhere in the world
  • Repeat learning material as often as you need to
  • Interactive lessons that are always accompanied by specialist lecturers
  • With us, no questions remain unanswered and links between practice and theory are created
  • Tips and tricks for optimal preparation for the exam round off this course
  • You will also receive course-related learning materials
  • To self-assess their learning performance, our course participants complete an oral and / or written learning review at the end of the course week.
  • In this preparatory course, we place a special focus on repetition and deepening of medical terminology and on expanding your medical vocabulary.

Exam preparation subject area

  • Nursing science and social science basics
  • Industry jargons for medical professionals
  • Legal framework
  • Symptoms in the following fields: surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, psychiatry, gynecology, urology and pediatrics
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology
  • Primary nursing
  • Intercultural care
  • Care models, expert management
  • Support, advice, guidance
  • Medical diagnostics and therapy

Do you feel “exhausted of empathy” and “burned out”? Have you internally quit and are thinking about a “care exit”? Do you keep getting into professional conflict situations on the ward, with patients, with colleagues, with relatives and / or with superiors? Are you being bullied? Are you experiencing a moral conflict that arises again and again due to the discrepancy between the demands of patient-oriented care on the one hand and the requirements of the ward and its functionality? Do you experience a lack of resilience due to the heavy workload?

Do you suffer from learning stress or exam anxiety? Do you suffer from learning blocks? Or have you fallen behind in learning because of the pandemic and are looking for effective learning strategies?

Would you like to “just change something” in your life and are you looking for support?

Are you an employer and would you like to guide your team through the crisis in these stormy times?

As a sociologist, systemic social and family advisor and state-approved geriatric nurse with many years of professional experience, it is finally a special matter close to my heart! To create a space and offers for nurses in which only you and your health have space and are important.

just change something

In this room you can also develop new, resource-oriented strategies for your professional activity and strengthen your resilience.

And why “systemic advice”?

The systemic approach implies that people behave depending on the respective context (system) and the framework of the events. This is where my work starts. In my consultations and coaches we concentrate on the “screening” of your system levels. This can be both your professional system level or your family level. Above all, however, it is the system level that triggers worries, fears or hopelessness in you.

Workshop care planning

It is important to us that you are safely prepared for your exam. Part of your final exam includes creating a nursing plan for a real patient case.

When developing our “Care Planning” workshop, the MedicMind team of experts therefore dealt with key questions:

What distinguishes a competent nurse? What can teachers do to improve the quality of care in practice? What do hospitals, long-term care and outpatient care need in order to be able to successfully implement quality care on the ward? And what do nurses need in order to be able to pursue their profession over the long term and with motivation, joy and knowledge and to be able to put what they have learned theoretically into practice without permanent frustration? How can generalist apprentices efficiently learn to deal with case studies? And where can prospective nurses be picked up so that values ​​such as reliability, a high degree of sense of responsibility, specialist knowledge and willingness to make decisions gain in importance again?

At the same time and in the course of the corona pandemic, this is also a special challenge and it has been found that where primarily cognitive skills are to be developed, the switch to online teaching was almost problem-free. Where it comes down to building competencies and practical skills, digitization has so far reached its limits,” says the University of California.

And what exactly does all of this have to do with care planning?

We know from experience, as Florence Nightingale knew long before us:

“Nursing is not a part-time job. It is an art form that, like the work of a painter or sculpture, demands the same level of attention and preparation. What difference does laboring on a dead canvas or cold marble make in comparison to working on the live body, the temple of the Holy Spirit? ”- Florence Nightingale

In relation to the topic of care planning, this means:

Competent care planning is the basis for competent and human care!

Let competencies grow with dedication and preparation

By learning how to create care plans professionally and “working with them”, skills grow during and after the training. It is a process like the nursing process itself. And good preparation offers you as a nurse the opportunity to influence nursing planning at your own workplace, to improve the quality of care in your facility and to improve the patient’s wellbeing and quality of life.

In this workshop we offer the option to optimally prepare for your final exam. Because nursing planning exercises not only help to recognize that there can be many different short-term and long-term goals, which in the best case can be defined together with the patient, but also that you learn how to safely deal with nursing planning.

In addition, with us you will learn the process of decision-making and the ability to analyze patient situations in detail and in peace, i.e. far away from the stress of everyday ward routine. In this way, you can identify more competently, faster and more reliably in practice and act if necessary.

Subject area maintenance planning

  • Prophylaxis: Knowing and recognizing risk factors
  • Symptom recognition and symptom interpretation of the most common clinical pictures
  • Nursing planning in hospitals, elderly care and outpatient care
  • Nursing process
  • Basics of care planning
  • Documentation systems
  • Case discussions and exercises
  • Tips for the exam

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