Sync Your Appearance with Your Eye Colour. Get These Hazel Colour Lens

One of the best and most striking ways to get an instant makeover is to sport coloured lenses which can breathe some life into your look. When we have darker eyes like browns and dark browns, we often wish to change things with cosmetic lenses to see how we would look with lighter eyes. It is a common practice to go for lighter lenses when we head over to a party or a special occasion, or when we’ve dyed our hair lighter. 

The interplay of lights and darks can be a great way to experiment with new eye colours which is why many people go for a hazel colour lens, to begin with. Since Indian skin tones mostly have cooler, wheatish and duskier tones, the blue and yellow undertones of a hazel colour lens work very well at bringing a radiant glow to your features. While your natural eye colour is beautiful as it is, you can always try out cosmetic lenses to sync your appearance with your eye colour if you have already had a makeover. Here are some options for hazel colour lens that can add a magnetic charm to your look. 

Freshlook One-Day Disposables

Investing in a hazel colour lens is a sure way to get that instant lift and Instagram look that you may be vying for. Browsing through filters and eye colours is a reality that you can try on with this pure hazel lens that will make every onlooker do a double take on your appearance. If you have newly dyed your hair in lighter tones or added highlights, you can always sync your eye colour to your hair for that cohesive, and radiant look. These One Day Disposables with hazel colour lens can be your next purchase to make that vision a reality. The pure hazel lens can be worn for a day and discarded at the end of the day. You can choose to buy these lenses in prescription as well, so that you don’t have to wear spectacles over them. Since these are a one-day disposable hazel colour lens, they are best suited for special occasions like weddings, parties or photoshoots.

Air Optix Monthly Disposables

However, if you are looking for a hazel colour lens to add to your daily schedule and change up your casual look you may want to go for a Monthly Disposable hazel color lens. These lenses are best suited when you want to change up your eye colour and match it with new hair or even a new aesthetic that you may be trying out. Keep in mind that since these are monthly disposable contact lenses, they can only be worn comfortably for a period of 30 days and must be discarded thereafter. If you wear spectacles, you can get these lenses in your required prescription so that your look offers a cosmetic and a functional change to serve all your requirements.

Therefore, your choice of a hazel colour lens is dictated by your lifestyle and necessity. The lenses can be worn for one day to try something new, or for a prolonged duration as an alternative to spectacles. If you are looking to explore colours other than the hazel colour lens, you can head over to Titan Eyeplus and browse through their endless selection of coloured lenses that can be cosmetic or prescription. Available at great prices and for various wearing durations that you may need, Titan Eyeplus has everything under one roof for your convenience. 


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