Things to consider if you wanna surprise your loved one with cake and flowers

Celebrations and presents go hand in hand; whether it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary or any other occasion that calls for a celebration, gift-giving has been a part of the tradition for as long as we can remember. When you want to surprise someone who is really close to your heart, the gift combo that tops the list is Flowers with Cake. A perfect combination of beauty and taste delivered right to the doorstep of that special someone to lighten and brighten their day. I am sure you must be super excited to order online flower and cake delivery in Delhi or anywhere that special someone resides; there are certain points that you must keep in mind before rushing to place your order. These points will help you make a better decision and give a bigger and better surprise; so read carefully.

The Bond and Relationship you Two Share

A gift always reflects the relationship between two people and how well they know each other. I know that the idea of sending pretty flowers with a scrumptious cake sounds tempting, but the present in itself is quite intimate and can be a little overwhelming if you are not that close with the receiver. Therefore, I would suggest you keep your relationship with the receiver in mind while sending this present. For instance, The combo is a perfect git if you are friends, partners, or close family, but it’s not a good idea for a colleague.

Remember the Occasion

It goes without saying, but occasion plays a vital role in the gift-giving process. Whatever you decide to give someone, it should be appropriate to the festivity being celebrated. After establishing your relationship with the receiver, you must take the occasion into account. For example, a beautiful bouquet of red blossoms and a heart-shaped red velvet cake is a heartwarming idea for your partner as a valentine’s gift, but if you wanna congratulate him or her for an accomplishment at their workplace, then the combination may not look nice. Hence, always consider the occasion before deciding on your present.

A Complementing Combo

Finally, after considering both of the aforementioned points, the third thing to remember is to choose a combo that suits and complements each other. You can go for colour combinations like red roses with white chocolate cake or white and blue orchids with a blueberry cake; you can play with fragrances that compliment each other like lilies with a delicious choco-vanilla cake or roses with a mesmerizing black forest cake. Whatever you choose, make sure that they are in sync and look great together.

The Receiver’s Choice

Of course, it is an important one. Always take the choice of that special someone into account while deciding what you wanna give them. As you both are pretty close, then there’s a high chance that you already know the kind of flowers they are into and what their favourite flavour is, but for some reason, if you don’t, try to slip the question into the conversation sneakily and learn as much as you can about them. Do not tell them outright as it will spoil the surprise but do try to get as much information as you can.

Your Budget

Sometimes, blinded by excitement and love, we tend to ignore our own limits and push our budgets to more than we can afford. Do not make that mistake; giving someone something should definitely make them happy but not at your expense. Instead, I would suggest that you go through as many websites as you possibly can, and you will surely wind something awesome to give them that is within your budget. That way, you both will be happy and enjoy the amazing feeling of togetherness.

Don’t Forget to Make it Personal.

At last, do not forget to add a personal touch to the combo. A beautiful note in the flowers or a sweet nickname, written on top of the cake may seem small, but believe me, it goes a long way. Getting a gift is one thing, but getting a well thought present that includes a personal message expressing just how much you love them is an incredible feeling, one that you want that special person to feel.

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