Sublimation Printing Machine – An Easier Way to Print

Sublimation Printing Machine is a modern type of printer that uses heat to transfer paper through a heated nozzle. In this process ink is run through a ribbon of melted plastic at very high speeds and the light spots are illuminated by a fluorescent lamp in the final print. There are two types of sublimation printers available in the market. These are ink jet printers and photo printers.

Inkjet: The ink jet sublimation printing machine is based on the same principle as laser printers, where light is passed through the cloth during the printing process. The printed image is run through the heat press where it gets pressed into the required areas. A special resin is spread over the areas, while the heat press is running, so that the final result is a glossy, high quality finish. While the printing process, some amount of heat is allowed to pass through the fabric to seal and bond the image properly.

Most of the small to medium sized industries prefer wide format sublimation printers to print high quality images on various fabrics. The dye sublimation printers are used to print bright colors on a broad range of fabrics. These printers utilize a heat press along with a solid roller wheel for transferring the image in the required areas. There is a separate hot and cold plate in most of the machines used for printing with a dye sublimation process.

Photo printers: One of the sublimation printers manufactured by Colorjet digital inkjet. This printer offers an automatic and smooth printing performance on a wide variety of coated and non-coated materials. It utilizes the latest technologies including multi-shot printer and solid ink technology to deliver excellent quality results on a timely basis. The printing output is outstanding and clear. The printed images have brilliant edges and textures which make the images look vibrant and appealing.

Sublimation Printer: The sublimation printing machine offers four speeds for the printing on various materials. It can perform the task very quickly. The printers are built with advanced and high-speed computer-based technologies. It uses a high-speed 300 xylene process for the coating of paper and other high-gloss surfaces. It delivers bright and sharp images and text on shiny or matte surfaces.

Wireless Printing: The wireless printing from the sublimation printer has many highlight features. The users can utilize the wireless feature to transport the prints from a remote location to any desired location. The Inkjet Printer can also be managed by using the touch pad and remote key pads provided in this machine. The ink jet feature delivers excellent quality prints on all types of photographic paper including glossy photo paper.

The sublimation printing sublimation machine offers complete tools for toner refill and inks, spot removal, and toner cleaning. The printers are designed with high quality laser technology and offer wide gamut of printing solutions. There are optional accessories and software available in the market for the printing machines. The software helps to optimize the ink systems for specific applications.

Sublimation Printing Machine Versions: The sublimation printing machines are manufactured in different models and are available in three different speeds; the first one is 300 DPI, the second one is 400 DPI and the third one is 600 DPI. The printer has an easy to operate function with a user-friendly interface. The users can use the software and can automatically adjust the settings according to their requirement. The users can scan as well as send the scans to the specified destinations. The users can save the images as PDF files and can also print them directly from the PC.

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