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As we all know that the UK is amongst one of the most sort destinations for higher studies. The education system in the UK is isolated into four sections for example essential schooling, optional instruction, further training, and advanced education. So if you have made your mind to study at a British university you need to check with universities as per how they will measure your English proficiency. Almost all the countries want Indian students to clear IELTS to get admission to a foreign University. However, in this article, you will get a brief on how to study in the UK without IELTS.

IELTS is the most pivotal factor to take up instruction in any unfamiliar land. In any case, what precisely is IELTS? Allow us first to get it. This is a government-sanctioned test for language appraisal that is liked by numerous overall colleges to survey the language capability of unfamiliar understudies. The term to finish this test is around 3 hours. The understudies will get a total score for their English language abilities.

Why Study in the UK? 

For all those students who wish to study in UK is considered as one of the ideal destinations so here are some advantages and reasons why one should study in the UK for exceptional quality of education: 

– Internationally recognized universities and qualifications 

– Quality Education 

– Strong research infrastructure 

– Welcoming culture 

– Broad choice for degrees 

– Multicultural nation 

So, we can say that from a fantastic student lifestyle to historic universities the UK has it all. 

What are the possibilities to study in the UK without IELTS? 

The greater part of the English-speaking nations in the world requires foreign students to submit their proficiency in the English language through internationally famous IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores during their application cycle. 

Like significant nations even in the UK, these scores are an unquestionable requirement for some instructive foundations, yet there are alternate ways too to contemplate in the UK without IELTS scores. This is quite possibly the trickiest stage while applying to concentrate on abroad projects. It is fitting to reach out to a specialist in unfamiliar training, like Flamingo Educare in Ahmedabad, who will help and guide the understudies with the correct approaches to examine in the UK without IELTS. Here are some ways one can study in the UK without IELTS: 

– Online Interview 

– English marks obtained in high school 

– English as a major subject in high school 

– Pre-sessional English course 

List of best universities offering courses in the UK without IELTS 

The UK is known for being a world-renowned university. To study abroad, one of the major points was clearing the IELTS test without a hitch. Yet, presently, understudies who wish to seek after their schooling in the UK can likewise pick to do as such without giving the IELTS test, as there is a choice of UK colleges without IELTS tests too. Probably the best UK colleges without IELTS score prerequisites are as below: 

– University of Essex 

– University of Central Lancashire 

– University of Greenwich 

– University of Bolton 

– University Bristol 

– University of Warwick 

– Bangor University 

– University of Plymouth 

– Aston University 

– Riga Technical University 

– The University of Bristol 

– Birmingham City University 

Top courses in the UK for students 

Deciding on a university course can be a task for students. Career Predictions are considered as the significant factor while picking a profession as opposed to settling on a decision dependent on the amount you like the subject. Here are the Top Ten courses that are examined in the UK as well as top in the World Rank: 

– MBA 

– Civil designing 

– Law 

– Medicine 

– Computer Science 

– Psychology 

– Education 

– Architecture


Hope this article is on how to study in the UK without IELTS. For additional information and IELTS coaching, your contact and visit Flamingo Educare. 

Author Bio  

Mr Siddharth Shah: 

SiddharthSiddharth Shah is the managing Director at Flamingo Educare and has done Masters in Business and Finance from University of Warwick, UK. He is actively involved in key decisions and itinerary staff management at Flamingo Educare. The main aim of Siddharth is to every student succeeds in their career and the life they wish to create abroad, in every way possible. Progress of Flamingo Educare is honored by his efforts and passion.

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