Student-Friendly Technology That Can Speed Up Your Learning Process

With the fast rate at which technology has been developing, it has become an integral part of almost all aspects of our lives, education included. Studying has always required dedication, time and effort, but with the aid of modern, student-friendly technology, the learning process can be much easier, more engaging and effective. If you’re looking for the technology that can boost your studying efforts, here’s a list of several methods and tools you can use to elevate your study performance.

Get Organised

Getting your learning process organised is the first step to success. You should aim to study smarter, not harder. If you are too obsessed with learning per se rather than learning the subject matter efficiently, you’ll end up exhausted without satisfactory results. Avoid forcing yourself to memorise facts as it’s extremely strenuous and unproductive. You should rather focus on internalising what you read – this means creating a mind map, organising notes by topic, visualising concepts, and testing yourself. Constant re-reading won’t lead to comprehending crucial information. Furthermore, study for shorter periods as this has proven to be more productive than prolonged hours of reading. Take breaks every 45 minutes and allow your brain to rest and process information faster and easier. Also, sleep is very important – you need to be rested and fresh to be productive.

Manage Your Time

For an efficient learning process, time management plays an important role. It’s recommended you plan out your day to avoid procrastination and delays. As a help, you can use various convenient tech solutions such as online timers, calendars and homework apps to manage not only your assignments but also your social events. For instance, homework apps are ideal for keeping track of your tasks and concentrating on the short-term ones over the long-term ones. These apps send notifications as reminders of what’s due and when so that you don’t miss the deadlines. And online timers are useful in maintaining control over how much time you spend on certain tasks so that you can keep your focus and increase your efficiency.

Use Available Materials

Regular attendance at lectures and undivided attention in class are essential in gaining a basic understanding of the subject matter. It’s also important to take notes and upgrade it all later by additional studying. However, it’s not easy for some students to take good notes or find relevant information by browsing through several different resources. Luckily, there’s a great solution to this problem – there’s an online database of study materials such as the extensive NTU study notes written by students who have already passed a specific course. You can access them from practically anywhere using your exchange credits to pay for them which you earn by uploading some study resource you have created or obtained previously. The notes cover a huge range of subjects and topics and are perfect for studying, whether you’re using your laptop, a library computer or your phone.

Embrace modern tech

With the advancement of technology, we now have new and modern ways of learning and teaching. One of them is virtual classrooms that can greatly improve student engagement and the studying process. They mostly enable students to easily follow courses and be more efficient, whereas teachers find it easier to mark their attendance and keep track of students’ educational growth. Another benefit of virtual classrooms is the possibility of recording online classes enabling students to do work at their own tempo. Cloud storage is a helpful tool that offers better organisation and systematisation of study materials, whether they’re in the form of textbooks, notebooks, vision boards, or planers. With all your material stored in the cloud, you’ll never waste time searching for what you need and being late to classes because of it. Moreover, your cloud space can be accessed from any device and with universities worldwide offering stable Wi-Fi connections, you’ll have no worries at all. Similar to cloud storage, digital libraries all relevant and valuable material in one place online which speeds up the research process. Also, all documents are verified before being uploaded so students can be certain of their reliability. There’s also a large number of educational applications currently available such as quiz-based games like Kahoot that have gained massive popularity around the world since they enable students to test their knowledge in an engaging and fun way. Furthermore, apps like digital planners and calendars help improve organisation, whereas virtual reality apps offer a fantastic opportunity for students to receive first-hand experience when studying specific subjects. Regardless of the application, the use of these technologies in studying can substantially enhance the exam preparation process, especially for younger, tech-savvy generations.

As technology pushes forward, education has to keep up and continue to evolve as well. The tech resources listed above are just some of the modern tools students have at their disposal in an effort to improve and enrich their educational journeys and efficiently prepare for exams.

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