Stay healthy in the rainy season by eating these healthy foods

The changing seasons, from extremely hot to nice and refreshing rainy weather, bring a sense of calm. However, rainfall is also associated with several potential health risks. Although, you have to be aware of several health problems in the rainy season, such as flu, cold, food poisoning, diarrhoea, and whatnot. It is important to eat the right food to avoid getting sick in the rainy season. Choose food items that are immune-boosting and provide a balanced diet in the rainy season.

Listed below are healthy foods that you can eat to boost your immunity during the rainy season

Green peppercorns

Green peppercorns contain an alkaloid called piperine, which has many human health benefits. In addition to vitamin C and vitamin K, they boost the immune system. In addition, there are several antioxidants found in green peppercorns that can help to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to the body. Several nutritional compounds found in green peppercorns contribute to the reduction of gas by increasing the production of hydrochloric acid. Undoubtedly, this contributes to improving food digestion in the long run. It is also known that green peppercorns possess antimicrobial properties. In addition, their ability to kill the bacterial elements in food reduces the risk of food poisoning.


It is well known that lemon is a powerful source of vitamin C. Vitamin C in lemon is known to boost the immune system. Additionally, lemon benefit your body in every way possible, from strengthening your bones to aiding digestion to fighting infections. Using lemon zest and lemon flesh in your food is possible. Furthermore, combining the lemon pulp with the lemon zest provides a healthy treat packed with flavonoids and bioactive compounds. The good news is that you can add lemon to your diet in many different ways. It is the perfect way to enjoy the rich citrusy taste of lemon while playing your favourite NetBet Casino game or watching your favorite films on OTT platforms.


Garlic is another great addition to your diet that you should include in the rainy season. Garlic seems to boost the production of T-cells in our blood, improving our immune system in the long run. In addition, a study found that garlic’s goodness can be attributed to its constituent alliin. In addition, alliin is converted into its highly potent form when you bite into raw garlic. These compounds possess curative properties and are capable of improving your body’s ability to fight disease.

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There is no doubt that spinach is a superfood with a wealth of nutrients. Various nutrients can be found in foods, including folic acid, beta-carotene, fibre, vitamin E, A, and C. The antioxidants and nutrients in these foods are beneficial for the health of your body as well as your immune system. Despite this, some people might advise you not to consume leafy vegetables during the rainy season since they are usually covered in mud and dirt. It is a good idea to wash spinach leaves thoroughly under running water before cooking to be on the safe side. For a stress-free rainy season, you must buy a comprehensive health insurance plan to ensure good health, even if eating healthy is an important factor.


It is important to take probiotics to maintain healthy gut flora. Probiotic foods are good for fighting bad bacteria and promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut. As a result of all of this, you are less likely to contract an illness. You can add probiotics to your diet using kefir, buttermilk, curd, and pickled vegetables.

Bitter gourd

Due to the bitter taste of bitter gourds, most people do not like them. Despite this, do you know these vegetables are good for overall health? Besides having antiviral properties, they also contain vitamin C, so you can eat them for various reasons. It is recommended that you try different recipes to find a preparation that you like if you dislike bitter gourd for its taste. It is possible to enjoy their goodness by boiling or frying them. In addition, bitter gourd can be used to prepare stew with other vegetables and bitter gourd.


The properties of ginger include antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antimicrobial. In addition, ginger is an excellent source of antioxidants. As a result of its medicinal properties, ginger is considered one of the most effective home remedies for body aches, colds, sore throats, and coughs. In addition to boosting immunity, ginger is also beneficial to the body. Therefore, it is possible to incorporate ginger into your diet as ginger tea, a popular beverage. If you prefer, you can steep a few ginger slices in hot water and let the mix steep for a while. It is then necessary to strain the beverage. For consumption, it is intended to be consumed.

Nuts and dried fruits

If you love almonds, walnuts, and dates, you must consume them no matter what time of the year. Many health benefits are associated with these foods since they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are believed to strengthen your immunity since they contain a lot of vitamin B complex, including niacin and vital vitamins, riboflavin. In addition, dried fruits and nuts contain vitamin E, which is known to have antioxidant properties and improve the body’s cellular health.

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