What Makes Sleeve Boxes Different from Other Storage Boxes

Sleeve boxes are the new trendy box in the market nowadays. They are known for their hide and seek mechanism. Like as the drawer is pulled out in the same way, the inner case is pulled out of the outer case. Its sleekness and brevity make it quite unique and elegant for use. The Sleeve boxes are used for numerous purposes like packing different items including food items, jewelry, etc. The benefit of sleeve boxes is that it comes in this unique design without extra cost and doesn’t even require much packaging if used as a gift. They are quite different from the normal storage boxes for the fact that their design is quite different and they are more captivating. Customization options are also available the which makes these boxes even more attractive.

Following are some major features that differentiate the sleeve boxes from other storage boxes:


Sleeve boxes are not like other boxes which are all in regular shapes. They have a special inner case protected and supported by an outer case through which the inner case slides out. There may be a ribbon on the inner case that helps to drag it out. Moreover, as this mechanism is related to hide and seek a mechanism that also differentiates it. These boxes are made of cardboard material or kraft paper and may have customization on them.


When the sleeve boxes are customized by different options like foiling, which includes gold and silver, and then by a coating that can be matte, shiny, glossy, etc. which adds to the look of the whole box, and die-cut can be added then these boxes look even more appealing. So, even after purchasing them for some product they can be used later on to store some other items like jewelry, or cosmetics, etc. You can also use these boxes for keeping gifts since they are very elegant and may not require much effort for their packing. Moreover, some people even use them to keep the money change or food items like candies, chocolates, etc. if the sleeve boxes have a window then the item can also be visible and they catch the eye of another person at the first glance. Customized hand-made sleeve boxes are used for a personal business as one can even sell these Custom Packaging Boxes for gift boxes or by keeping edible items in them or for other purposes. Material-based customization is also done on these boxes, as they are made of either cardboard or kraft paper usually both are preferable.


The regular boxes used are made of almost the same price as these sleeve boxes and are not as elegant as them. the sleekness of these boxes and their shape make them even less costly since the material used is less and also the printing expenses are also less. If Kraft Sleeve Boxes are made by using kraft paper they cost even less as they are recyclable and do not cost much.


The hide and seek mechanism of the Sleeve Boxes Wholesale have made it feasible to keep the items in them almost locked and safe from any kind of damage and hazard and also protect them from all the dust and moisture. Since many items like jewelry need to be protected from water and damage these boxes prove to be quite suitable and are also reliable for food items protecting from any kind of insect., moisture and dust, etc. not only this, bit the corners of the boxes are smooth enough to protect the items in it from any sharp damage or tearing.


Mostly nowadays Minimalist packaging is preferred and also liked everywhere. There is enough space for printing available on the Clear sleeve boxes on the outer surface where one can easily ger their brand logo, brand details, and different information on the boxes printed. Also, a good decent template helps to increase the worth and makes the box more attractive and representable.

Sleeve boxes are different from other boxes used these days and are more captivating and attractive so they can easily grab one’s attention and make them buy it for whatever product is placed in it. It has many advantages over other boxes and doesn’t even cost more but less as compared to other boxes. In this way, they can promote your business and also make your product standards high without increasing your expenses and efforts. So, if you are looking for a trendy and elegant storage box you can easily select the sleeve boxes.

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