Six Easy Tips to Improve Your Longboard Photography

man putting left foot on longboard against sunglight

Skateboarding has become a great fashion for people across the world. Anyone of any age can now pick up a Longboard for good riding. Skating, usually with a longboard is the most popular activity. 

But some people also like to watch and enjoy taking photographs of beautiful stunts and flips. Are you one of them? Can you watch skaters for hours? Also, do you want to make funny skills and freeze them anytime, anywhere?  If so then skateboarding photography is your style!

Read on to learn how to become a great skate photographer.

How To Improve Longboard Photography?

There are several techniques to improve your longboard photography such as;

  1. Watch Skaters Perform Skills and Take Aimed Shots.

In this way, you will know which angle is best for certain techniques. Try to avoid outdated views. The longboards skaters move in a surreal posture and perform quick stunts and bend the body. Your skateboard photos should leave the same brand.

Use manual focus to take clear skating photos. Autofocus usually does not produce clear images when shooting skating. Using autofocus and trying to guess where the subject is in the frame.  Choose a facility where you can skate.

Pay attention to the subject in advance and take photos when the skater appears on the stage. This requires practice, so after failing on the first attempt, don’t get discouraged.

people playing skateboard on skateboard park
  • 2. Right Angle for Dynamic Photography.

Skateboarding photography is to find the right angle. Forget about the one-size-fits-all approach. Every capture, thus, must look good from a different angle.

Photographing skaters from the ground: The low angle is very suitable for skateboarding because it increases tension and height.

Shoot from above: Try to shoot standing on a bench or take a photo on a curve. It is always recommended to frame the image on the skater’s side first.

  1. Record In Shutter Priority Mode to Capture Movement.
woman holding DSLR camera

Like all action lenses, skating photos need a faster speed to click. In this way, you can put restrictions on the skater’s movements and capture the perfect moment.

Shoot with shutter priority, so you must not worry about the correct aperture. The camera regulates according to a certain shutter speed.  Sometimes you may want to click motion blur. For this, your requirement is a longer shutter speed.

  1. Consult With Skaters.

Meeting skaters is one of the important things for skateboarders for photography. Present yourself and request if you can take photos of them skating. The camera may disturb some people. You don’t want anybody to be harmed because of your existence. Request the skater what skills to perform and which direction to be heading in.

If you want to know about skateboarding photography, you must be an energetic fellow of the community. This can allow you to participate in local races or photography for skateboarding exercises.

person holding black DSLR camera
  1. Choose A Background.

Consider the background part of the photo arrangement. You can have it tidy and take in only the sky. In this way, you can create a difference between the sky and the object.

When shooting a skateboard, it is always a good idea to separate the subject from the background, but it is not always easy. Because the skateboarding ramp is often surrounded by constructions, colorful doodles, and poles.  You don’t have to exclude all to get great photos of skateboarding. Make the most of them.

Apply combination rules, such as the rule of thirds and witness line. Make sure of the audience’s attention to your topic. It is a bit difficult to capture the skater’s movements. It is also hard to pay consideration to the composition of the photo, but you can do it if you have experience.

  1. Attention To Details. Many times, you are advised not to exclude head or limp with objects. Of course, full-length skaters look great but don’t neglect the details. You must focus on skateboarding, and they often hold exclusive designs. Take photos of skaters’ clothes and equipment.  Capture the relationship between skaters. They are usually very good.
woman carrying skateboard

For yourself, when buying your first skateboard, you should consider the riding style and budget you want. Many skateboards are suitable for beginners. It is recommended to choose the skateboard that suits you best. Of course, there are also many skateboards with beautiful illustrations. But the most important choice is the shape and size of the board.

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