Secrets Five Star Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About Keeping Sheets White

Any hotel owner knows that the key to a brighter future is keeping their sheets white. People who travel extensively appreciate any hotel with white sheets. In fact, having white sheets is synonymous with quality in the hotel industry. White sheets are the portray cleanliness and purity. Seasoned hotel owners understand that white sheets are so easier to maintain if you know the right tricks.

Today we are going to share proven tricks five-star hotel owners use to keep their white sheets free from stains. Knowledge of appropriate linen care is essential to keep your hotel linen free from stains. Any sign of stains on hotel sheets gives customers a very bad impression of your brand. With enough side, now is the time to discover these secrets that the big hotels don’t want you to know about keeping your hotel sheets white.

Diligent spot staining

Prompt response is necessary for spot stains. Regardless of whether it is a red wine or coffee stain, spot cleaning the stain is not excusable. Stains that dry on linen end up becoming permanent trouble. It doesn’t take long for staining molecules to stick to fabric fibers. Your hotel laundry department should have an appropriate response to stains on the spot.

Hire a linen service provider

Professional hotel linen and laundry services offer the ultimate solution to maintaining white sheets. The right laundry service provider will handle all you’re cleaning requirements for your hospitality linens without hassle. Your staff will now get time to focus on other tasks knowing that the burden of on-site laundry is no more.

The service provider will come with experience and appropriate cleaning methods and equipment to ensure your sheets are always white. You will now focus on getting your hospitality business back on track without worrying about the mounting pile of linen.

Use of appropriate cleaning products

Knowledge of the appropriate cleaning products is key to keeping hotel sheets white. A high-powered agent for de-staining including hydrogen peroxide and bleach is very important. White linens are vulnerable but largely forgiving. Cleaning hotel linens require special bleach or bleaching agents such as oxalic acid. These work on any form of stains without any risk of bleeding or fading. Knowledge of these agents and how to use them appropriately is a secret to white hotel sheets.

Investment in high tech washing machines

Advancements in technology introduced high-performance washing machines for hotel owners. These do a great job when it comes to getting exceptional laundry results. High-performance commercial washing machines have cleaning capacity beyond regular cleaning. The trick is in the size of the machines with enough agitation room and hidden power to give the linens a nice thorough wash. Regular laundry machines don’t have enough room to handle large sheets.

You need industrial washing machines with enough room for movement backed by high-velocity centrifuges. This supports optimal agitation to get rid of dirt and stains in the linens. You also need quality dryers to keep your sheets white. Good drying is essential since traces of moisture levels unsightly yellow stains to ruin the appearance of white sheets. High-powered commercial dryers completely eradicate moisture from linen to eliminate the risk of discolouration and stains resulting from excess moisture.

Proper storage

Finally, the last secret to keeping hotel sheets white is proper storage. You have to be sure that the linens are not exposed to elements such as moisture, dust, and oxidation that cause stains. Avoid handling lines with dirty cleans to avoid contamination before storage. Don’t transport clean linen in a trolley not dedicated to that task.

When moving, don’t stack the sheets too high to avoid failing to avoid falling. Highly stacked trolleys impair vision leading to collisions with objects or people leading to falling linen. Additionally, always pull not push the trolley to avoid collisions in blind spots. Avoid storing linen in non-designated areas where they are likely to end up on dirty surfaces. Here are some things to consider when storing hotel linen.

 Bottom line

It is possible to keep your sheets spotless and immaculate just like five-star hotels. However, you have to understand the techniques that big hotel chains use. You might not have the money to invest in high-power industrial washing machines or to hire top laundry professionals in-house. Fortunately, you can outsource the task to a professional linen service with the right equipment, experience, and know-how.

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