Share How You Really Feel With Victorian Flower Language

The floral industry in the US is worth over $5 billion. This goes to show that even though we’re all about the digital world, physical gifts and messages still have their places!

Of course, you can always send your partner any old bouquet on the next special occasion. But why not kick it up a notch?

Victorian flower language can be a fun way to express how you feel to your crush or significant other. It’s also flirty and secretive!

So read on to learn the language of flowers so you can send your loved one a unique message.

Red Rose

Let’s start with the most commonly given flower for romance: the red rose. Now, of course, you know it means romance, passion, and love.

But did you know that you can say “I love you” by giving someone just a single red rose? If you give them a bouquet of them, then it just symbolizes love and desire.

Red Camellia

The red camellia is also a good flower to give your sweetheart. In Victorian flower language, you’re telling the recipient that they’re burning bright in your heart. It’s definitely a great choice for a romantic person!

Red Tulips

Want everyone to know that you love your sweetie? Then red tulips are the way to do it in Victoria flower language!

In the Victorian era, red tulips were used as declarations of love. So you can passionately state your affection and dedication through a bouquet of these flowers.

Red Peonies

Following the red theme, red peonies can also be good to send someone, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a while. These flowers say “you’re worthy of affection and love”, plus they’re the symbol of happy marriages.

Yellow Iris

Looking for something out of the box? Then try the yellow iris.

It’s not one most people would associate with romance, especially since it’s not red. But it was still one in the Victorian flower language books.

The yellow iris has a unique shape and its color definitely makes any arrangement pop! And as a bonus, irises symbolize passion, so your partner is sure to get the message.


Jonquils (also known as daffodils) are also great for people who don’t like to conform. These yellow flowers look amazing in a bouquet and symbolize desire and longing. They’re perfect for sending to your crush!

If you’re now looking for beautiful flower arrangements, then check out this page for some!

Master the Victorian Flower Language

Once you’ve mastered the Victorian flower language, you’ll be a regular Romeo. Even if your SO doesn’t know the flower meanings, it’s still a nice gesture. You can even send them cryptic messages explaining the meaning of each type of flower to keep them on their toes!

So learn this flower language, and you’ll make sure the romance stays alive in your relationship. Your sweetie will fall in love with you all over again!

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