Role of Technology in Education

The age of the 21st century has been considered as the era of technology. Today, technology is one of the most necessary factors in our lives. Every day new technologies are introduced, and new technological products and software are launched. Technology is playing an essential role in almost every field of life. Like other fields, the impact of technology is also demanded in learning. Technology is playing a significant role in making education easier and accessible as you can get any desired information at the touch of the finger. 

Education is a way of learning where knowledge is transferred from one generation to another. It is transformed through teaching and research. Due to the interference of technology in education, education is no more boring for the students somewhat has become much useful and interesting. Moreover, the distance education system is also helping the students who are not able to get degrees by joining the institutions due to distance issues. Due to technological developments, as education technology is playing its part as a tutor, tool of learning and tool of teaching distance is now not an issue. 

Exclusive Ways To Use Technology In Education:

Technology is utilized in education in numerous ways. Its creative use in the education system or other words in the learning environment makes teachers’ lives easier and enhances students’ levels of excitement towards learning. It helps in managing several tasks, for example, organization of planning material, classroom evaluations, and improvement of presentations as well as lessons by using different media.

Thus the technology can enhance the learning environment in various ways. Some of the exclusive means that aid the classroom are online activities, digital field trips, learning through games, integration of social media, multimedia lessons, and etcetera.

     Learning Through Games: 

Learning becomes fun and happiness by using technology. Gaming technology can be beneficial to learn anything in an environment full of enjoyment. Learning through games can be as easy as making a simulated forager hunt approaching with a questions’ list for students to find the right answers. Furthermore, it is a helping hand in making students’ pairs as well as groups to inspire teamwork and cooperation.  

A lot of games i.e typing games, general knowledge quiz games, subject related question-based games, vocabulary practice games, and reading games, work as incredible programs to learn different skills with fun.

     Digital Field Trips

Digital field trips are also of great value in the educational environment. This technique is a very beneficial and worthwhile tool to give the students real-world exposure. Digital field trips are a wonderful idea that allows students to virtually explore different places such as forests, parks, and so on. It helps to learn various facts about the world by visiting these places virtually. Without technology, these experiences cannot be replicated in the classroom. Through digital field trips, students get a deep understanding of different concepts. Google Streetview and many other applications are providing great ways for digital field trips. 

     Integration Of Social Media

Nowadays, students spend a lot of time on social media. Use of social media can also be integrated into classroom situations in very innovative ways. Students can get in touch with their class schedules, attendance, result, and many other resources. For instance, creating a Facebook group may help in sharing all activities regarding the classroom. Students can check characters limit of facebook and twitter posts by character counter tool. Moreover, students can discuss various topics and lessons online. 

     Multimedia Lessons And Presentation

Presentations without visual effects seem boring to the learners. Multimedia presentations and teachings bring life to lessons and presentations. Visual effects, images, music, and videos add color to the presentation material. It makes the lesson interesting, and the presenter can interact with the audience in a better way. Furthermore, guest speakers can also take part in different conferences via Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc. They are all creative ways to enhance the use of technological use in the education system. 

     Digital Content Creation

Digital content creation in every field of study offers a way for the students to showcase their learning and talent. Creating digital content is most operative when learners express themselves to accommodate their communication styles as well as personal strengths. By creating digital content, students’ learning is revealed through videos, flyers, digital art, blogs, podcasts or eBooks, etc.   

     Students’ Feedback

Any classroom can be better evaluated by the learners in a way that how well it helps students in learning and understanding the concepts. Thus students’ feedback is necessary to assess classroom activities. Students’ feedback helps towards confusion as well as problems faced by the students during class. Online surveys and polls provide a platform for daily, weekly, or monthly evaluations to have students’ opinions and views.

     Other Online Activities

Except for using technological ways in the classroom, students can also utilize technology for educational purposes. Such as students, in their leisure time, can explore and deeply understand various concepts whether, they are subjected related or gain additional knowledge. They can search for anything about any country or state of the world through various websites and apps, by watching a number of videos or playing information-based games. So technology is an excellent way to get information and to publish information all over the world.

Why Technology Is Important In The Educational System?

Technology is of utmost importance as:

  • It helps learners to be ready for their future careers that depend on technological use. 
  • Technological integration offers diverse ways of learning to students.
  • Technology provides students a chance to collaborate with each other for a deep understanding of the ideas. 
  • It aids the students to learn and acquire knowledge in more exciting learning styles.
  • Due to technology, learners can have access to the updated material. They can find anything more easily and quickly.
  • Students can find the meaning of each word by using online monolingual as well as bilingual dictionaries in any language pairs in a quick way. 
  • They can explore previous researches and conduct new studies in their fields. 
  • Students can interact with scholars all over the world through the web.
  • Geographical distances are now no more barriers in the way of education as technology provides solutions for distance education. 
  • Different online courses are available on the web, and students by joining these online courses can get additional degrees or diplomas. 
  • Different follow-up activities can be designed to assess the learning of the students. 
  • Through different databases that can track one’s progress are also useful to check students’ growth.  
  • Students can keep their valuable notes or resources of information safe for a lengthy period.
  • Teachers can also keep a record of students’ progress and compare their future records with the precious one without errors

In general, technology has a central position in all aspects of life, but it has given education a new meaning. Our education system has now become advance due to technological implementation. With technology, effectiveness and productivity can be expected from both teachers and students. It is an essential tool for improving the innovative environment of teaching practices. It paves a new way for students to lifetime learning and enabling them to be successful in this ever-changing world. Education should be available on an advanced level in every institution as it fills the minds of people with new emerging ideas. Different technological methods used in education systems are very positive. They are very much constructive in their nature as they provide students creative ways to learn. In this world, learners require the strength to connect with the people and collaborate with them to communicate information, and technology provides the learners with various ways to communicate with others. In addition, technology is also valuable for playing its role in administrative tasks in educational institutes. There is no doubt that the power of technology is serving the learning process and making the lives of students and teachers more comfortable as well as exciting.  

 The education sector is essential for everyone as it plays an important in the growth of the world. Information technology news is the best source to know about the trendy technologies invented that are useful in the education sector.

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