Resolve Internet or WiFi Not Issue On Windows 11

This tutorial will help you understand several ways to resolve the internet or WiFi connected but no internet issue that is not working in Windows 11. Similar to the previous guide the guide will aid you in fixing problems with the issue of slow WiFi performance issue. limited access, unidentified network, or no Internet Access issues.

The most recent version of Windows has brought in an array of brand exciting and new features. From UI modifications to the plethora of changes to the taskbar there’s plenty to anticipate.

In spite of all its benefits of it, it’s not free of the usual issues. In the midst of all the truckloads of issues you’re likely to confront and the problems with the network that could be the most problematic for users.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, don’t worry. Here are a few options that will help you solve the internet issue or WiFi issues in the Windows 11 PC. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get going.

If you’re irritated by this issue, do not worry. There are several ways to resolve the internet or WiFi issue for Windows 11. Windows 11 PC. Without further delay, we’ll get going.

Restart the Router and PC

The first thing to do is restart your computer as well as your router. In the case of the router, It is suggested that you disconnect the cable out of the outlet, leave it there for a short period of time, and then reconnect it. Then turn it on, and then reboot your computer. Examine if you’re in a position to establish a reliable networking connection. If not, then.

Use Network Troubleshooting

Windows are equipped with different troubleshooting apps and one of them is specially made specifically for the Network. It can not only assist in locating the cause of the problem but it could also resolve it, too. Therefore, let’s attempt to make the most of this.

Disable Windows 11 Firewall

In certain instances, it is possible that the Windows Defender Firewall might act somewhat too protective and block legitimate websites. Therefore, if you have complete confidence in the websites you’re about to visit it is worth turning off the Firewall while you are doing your online browsing. Here’s how it can be accomplished.

Last Word

If this doesn’t work If it doesn’t work, right-click the drivers and choose to uninstall Device. Then restart your computer, and Windows will install the default network drivers.

If this does not happen you need to start Device Manager, go to the Action tab and choose Scan for changes to the hardware. Windows will look for missing drivers and then install the drivers.

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