Press release | App3null joins forces with SAP Business One partner Prestele IT

The recent acquisition of App3null by Prestele IT GmbH took place in March 2022

Two entrepreneurs with their vision of a new digital business landscape 

App3null was launched in 2013 by Davit Svanidze in Berlin. At the time, he founded the company on his own, led by the trend of the emerging mobile age. The demand for mobile apps proliferated, and Davit was soon able to expand his team and complete several development projects. After years of hard work, App3null proudly looks back on more than 80 projects, dozens of successful client relationships, and 5 million app downloads.  

With the drastic change in the business world due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to rethink their working methods. How can companies work mobile, offer and sell their products or services online, and ultimately digitize their entire business processes? At that moment, the founder and CEO of Prestele IT (Philipp Prestele) realized that his vision was closer than he had ever imagined. So he began his search in the market for companies that could help him achieve his goals and realize his vision. As a result, he discovered App3null, a solid technical team of Android and iOS developers, web app development, designers, and marketing specialists based in Berlin and Tbilisi in Georgia. Both locations made sense for Philipp Prestele and Prestele IT, the Georgia office just a short flight from Ras Al Khaimah, in the United Arab Emirates, and Berlin not too far from the Munich headquarters in Germany. A perfect solution for both sides, App3null and Prestele IT. 

Prestele IT & App3null join forces  

In March 2022, Davit Svanidze shifted his primary focus from app entwickeln App3null to “Lead Rebel” – a software solution for converting inbound traffic into B2B leads. After achieving his personal goals with App3null and the team, his following vision and mission focused on digital product and software solutions. Soon, the handover, merger, and acquisition of App3null to Prestele IT began. The complete integration of the two companies will continue for the next few months, allowing both teams to work together smoothly and efficiently. 

Currently, Prestele IT has global offices in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Poland and is now adding Georgia to its global footprint. The company’s primary focus remains on developing SAP Business One ERP Business Add-ons.  

The two teams, the SAP Business One Add-Ons development team and the mobile app development team at App3null combine their strengths and skills to create valuable synergies for the customer solutions they offer. Combining both business activities promises increased performance and efficiency and an expected increased turnover for Prestele IT. 

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