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Outdoor Lighting Tips for the Perfect Ambience

A lot of homeowners tend to focus on what their home looks like from the inside, but fail to maintain the exterior the same way. In order for a home to look its best, it needs to be catered to the same way both internally and externally, which is why you must work on the outdoor ambience as well, a perfect example is the ambiance created from large outdoor water fountains.  Fortunately, smart technology makes this much easier. Just as there are devices like smart thermostat to help improve the atmosphere inside your home, there is one utility you can use to improve your home’s outdoor area as well.

Lighting is the most versatile part of a home. It serves multiple purposes, and can be used to enhance any part of a home with ease. You can get as creative as you want and create a customized space exactly according to your own preference. The following are some outdoor lighting tips to help improve the area around your home.

Path lights

A home’s ambience is just as important as its functionality. How your home looks from the outside determines the impression it will have on visitors and buyers, and it also impacts your mood when you are in that part of your home. When it comes to outdoor lighting, the best option is always something which will be convenient. Solar-powered lights are a great option for this, since you do not have to turn them on manually, and they consume no electricity to function.

These lights can be incorporated into your home in different ways, but their best use may be to use them as path lights. This is a great way to enhance your home’s entrance, or even your backyard. Even if you cannot get solar-powered lights, try to use some kind of warm-toned lighting to illuminate any paths leading up to your home, since this has a very strong visual impact.

Texture can be interesting

One thing you can do really well with lighting is create interesting textures. This is a great way to improve the look of flat surfaces, and it can add depth and dimension to your home. Pairing simple lights up with textured walls is a good way to do this, since the shadows and highlights will be created automatically – however, you can always get patterned lights and create the illusion of texture. Both of these options can make your home look much better.

A good idea is to have this type of lighting in your garden, or near your front door. These are areas where it could possibly get the most attention, and anyone who sees it will be drawn towards the design.

 Seating area

It is always nice to have a place to sit and relax outside your home. However, if the area isn’t properly lit, you will not be able to fully utilize this part of your home. Wherever your seating area is, whether it is at the front or in the backyard, it should be lit properly in order for you to be able to use it at any time of the day. This is why any seating areas outside your home should be properly visible, and the best way to do this is by going for soft, warm lights. These lights can help create the perfect ambience for a space meant to be calming and relaxing.

Light your garden

A garden is a very important part of any home. This is because it can end up ruining the look of a home, if not maintained properly. When it comes to a home’s overall look, this part of your home can contribute in making it look much neater and more organized. Withered or infested plants can give off the impression that the home isn’t taken care of properly, which also reflects poorly on the homeowner.

If you have worked hard to maintain your garden, it is important that the area is properly visible for the best impact. Lighting your garden will bring out its best features, and it will be properly visible at all times of the day. You can install these lights anywhere you want, whether it is on the floor or the walls. Not only will this make your garden more beautiful, it can help increase security around the area as well.

DIYs may help

A cheap but effective way to illuminate the outdoor area of your home is to create something from materials already lying around the house. You can use candles to make lanterns, or even add battery-powered fairy lights to Mason jars for a soft glow. These lights can be placed or hung anywhere, and will add a creative touch to the area.

Creating DIY light sources will not only give your home a unique look, it can also help you save money. A lot of the time, these lights will look better than fancy bulbs or other kinds of more expensive lights. This is a good cheap alternative for homeowners on a budget.


Outdoor lighting can be a bit tricky, since there are a few different things to keep in mind. The lights cannot be so bright as to disturb both you and the neighbors, or so low that it begins to impact the visibility around your home. The lights should be at the perfect intensity, color and placement in order to create the perfect ambience, which keeps your home safe and well-lit for all purposes. These tips will help you get creative with outdoor lighting for your home.

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