There’s no doubt that social media has become a massive part of our lives. It is even hard to imagine a life without it now. It has brought people closer and has also opened a door for opportunity and education.

Given its importance, it is not surprising that many movies about social media exist. So today, we will be naming the top 10 movies about Social Media.

Movies about Social Media

Filmmakers have used social media as a tool for storytelling. So some of these movies might not be completely about social media. Meanwhile, we have also included movies that are solely based on Social Media.

So let’s jump right into it.

10. Ingrid Goes West (2017)

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Ingrid Goes West is a comedy-drama movie. In this movie, Ingrid Thorburn is a psychotic social media stalker who has a habit of mistaking “likes” for serious relationships. 

Taylor Sloane is a well-known Instagram “influencer” whose meticulously maintained bohemian lifestyle becomes Ingrid’s new passion. When Ingrid travels to Los Angeles and manages to infiltrate the social media star’s life, their relationship soon becomes bizarre.

The dynamic between Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen makes this movie worth watching despite all of its shortcomings. It is overall one of the most entertaining movies about social media.

9. Hard Candy (2005)

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Next up on our list of movies about social media, we have Hard Candy, a drama thriller movie. The story of this film revolves around Hayley, a clever teen who visits a coffee shop to see Jeff, a photographer she found on the internet. 

Jeff believes he is in for a wonderful surprise, but Hayley tricks him. It soon becomes Jeff’s worst nightmare.

Hard Candy deals with a very concerning subject matter that has been growing on social media day by day. It deals with predators and how they groom and approach teenagers for their personal gain. This film is haunting yet quite interesting.

8. The Hater (2020)

Source: World of Trailers

The Hater is a movie that went under the radar of many movie fans. It is a Polish drama-thriller movie. This film’s story revolves around a young man who begins to use his internet popularity to take revenge.

This is a fantastic film that you may not have heard of but should absolutely see. It is a fast-paced thriller/drama about the negative use of social media’s influence for personal gains. 

It has a very interesting protagonist that is neither likable nor loathsome. He is very unpredictable, which makes the story very engaging. Overall, it is a great film,

7. The Circle (2017)

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The Circle is a sci-fi and thriller movie. In this movie, Mae is thrilled to be working for the world’s largest technology firm. However, after becoming involved in an experiment that has the potential to change the world, she becomes aware of its negative consequences.

This movie is based on David Egger’s novel of the same name. It deals with a major concern many people have about social media. Since it takes place now rather than in the future, its dismal message is all the more pressing and effective.

The Circle is one of the most grounded movies about social media, and you should definitely watch it.

6. Mainstream (2020)

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Mainstream is a comedy-drama movie. In this film, when a young lady starts filming YouTube videos with a fascinating stranger, she discovers a road to an internet celebrity. 

This film features Andrew Garfield with one of his best performances. Moreover, the film focuses on the concept of viral fame, which many people, including the film’s protagonist, played by Maya Hawke, are fascinated with achieving. It’s a film that effectively combines humorous and dramatic aspects.

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5. Searching (2018)

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The next entry on our list of movies about social media is Searching, a thriller movie. This film’s story revolves around a case of disappearance. 

Following the disappearance of David Kim’s daughter, a local inquiry is launched, and a detective is assigned to the case. But after 37 hours and no leads, David decides to search his daughter’s laptop for clues.

The way this movie was filmed is refreshing and unique. The entire storyline takes place on small screens. This unique cinematography method doesn’t really come off as a gimmick and proves to be quite effective.

4. The Social Ones (2019)

Source: Comedy Dynamics

The Social Ones is a mockumentary and parody film. This film shows the lives and fears of a group of social media influencers.

In this movie, The National Influencer’s Fifth Anniversary issue is in the works, and the big cover shoot is just four weeks away. The print magazine is ironically devoted to modern-day celebrities, i.e., individuals with enormous social media followings.

It is a hilarious take on the influencer culture. This mockumentary also sheds some light on the negative and ignored aspects, such as its effects on mental health, etc. Overall, it is one of the funniest movies about social media.

3. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

Source: Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is a very powerful documentary. In this documentary, Werner Herzog investigates how the Internet and social media have influenced human connection and how they will continue to influence contemporary society.

This is a very important documentary. Any person concerned with their digital footprint or online activities should definitely watch it. Moreover, it is a very well-made documentary. It has a lot of humor and enough entertainment as well.

All in all, you should definitely check it out. It will prepare you for what’s in store for the future in terms of the internet and social media.

2. The Social Dilemma (2020)

Source: Netflix

Another documentary is making its way to our list of movies about social media. The Social Dilemma explores the fundamentals of social media and investigates the potentially dangerous consequences of social networking, with IT professionals ringing the bell of the impending doom.

This film blends the shocking nature of what happens behind the scenes of social media with thoughts on how social media may be improved. It is a very clever and thought-provoking documentary.

Personally, I would recommend everyone watch this documentary on Netflix to be aware of the technological world around them.

1. The Social Network (2010)

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

In concluding our list of movies about social media, we have The Social Network. It is based on the life of Mark Zuckerburg and portrays all the challenges he faced while trying to revolutionize the social media space.

In this movie, Mark Zuckerberg develops Facebook. However, he is sued by twins, who allege he stole their idea, and the co-founder, who was eventually forced out of the company.

The Social Network is one of the most popular movies about social media. It is a very well-made movie with great acting and a brilliant script. You might have seen clips from this movie circulating on your timeline. However, you probably didn’t know its name.

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So this was our list of movies about social media. There aren’t many movies about this category yet; however, as this space evolves, we will get new stories and eventually new movies about it. 


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