Orange Kush Hemp Flower Strain Qualities and Benefits

Orange Kush is a hemp strain that delivers premium health benefits. Anyone who wants ultimate relaxation should try the Orange Kush legal bud sold by one of many reputable sellers. 

The hemp flower strain has a complex aroma, high levels of CBD, and very low THC levels. The Orange Kush’s sativa and indica traits are in a ratio of 25:75, which makes them very potent. It is one of the most popular strains in the USA and many parts of the world.

The strain has a rich history with many theories for its name. However, what is known is that the OG Kush is a parent to many other strains around the world. But who sired OG Kush? It is a crossbreed of Chem Dawg Sativa and Hindu Kush Indica.Β 

With that said, let’s cut to the chase and look at the qualities and benefits of the Orange Kush flower strain. 

Orange Kush Qualities

As hinted, this is a high CBD flower strain with up to 20% CBD. However, many cultivars manage to get an average of 17%, which is considered okay. It contains CBG and CBGa among other cannabinoids. Most important to note is that its THC levels are very low, so it does not affect users like Orange Kush weed, which makes users β€˜high.’

It also has high levels of terpenes including myrcene, pinene, limonene, caryophyllene, and humulene. They have a significant therapeutic effect on users as we are going to see, and they are also responsible for the aromas.

Orange Kush is known for its cinnamon, diesel, and sweetgrass aroma, making it one of the most complex and pungent aromas available today. If you feel like this sounds enjoyable, you should try the Orange Kush strain today, especially from Cannaflower.

Orange Kush Benefits

OG Kush has a multitude of therapeutic effects for users. It’s no wonder why it gained a lot of popularity in the β€˜90s and even today. If you are looking for an awesome hemp strain to manage your health, you should consider this for the following benefits:

  • Calming – Because of the high CBD and terpenes, Orange Kush gives a calming effect to the users. Whether you smoke the OG Kush rolls or use the flower strain in any other way, you can rest assured that it will calm you. 
  • Anxiety and stress relief – Hemp strains that calm can manage anxiety and stress. Again, since this strain has higher CBD levels than average, its therapeutic effects are just incredible. 
  • Inflammation relief – The presence of CBD, myrcene, and caryophyllene terpenes promotes anti-inflammation in the body. If you have undergone surgery or been ill, you can use this to lower inflammation levels in the body.
  • Pain relief – High CBD levels are good for pain relief. It may not be the ultimate painkiller in extreme cases, but it has been used to manage migraines, injury pain, chronic back pain, and more. 


The Orange Kush high CBD flower strain has many benefits as you can see. Now that you know even the aromas you will enjoy if you consider buying this strain, make a point to order from a reputable supplier. Apart from these benefits, you will also enjoy premium packaging.


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