Wayanad’s Best 10 Nature Resorts

Wayanad is one of the most beautiful, attractive, and etheric destinations in the state of Kerala which has the very best to offer in the Western Ghats. Wayanad is a relaxed, easy getaway for you to enjoy in your pockets and one of the most stunning experiences you’ll have. The waters are dizzying, with land fragmentations, like nestling in each other’s arms, sprawling green plantations, and scented air with the heavenly spices and rich aroma of the filter coffee. The luxury nature resorts in Wayanad are varied and give a delightful stay with absolute luxuries, offering an affordable range. The post below lists the top resorts in Wayanad which you can book once in life.

Nature Resorts

1. The Raindrops Resorts:

The next name on Wayanad’s list is the Raindrops Resorts, another stunning village in the midst of hills, rainforests, and beautiful scenery, that offers magnificent accommodation in the midst of the Pepper and Cafe Plant. The resorts of Raindrops include distinctive cottages in Kerala style, fitted with modern architecture and conveniences. Luxury cottages are provided for accommodation as are Premium & Deluxe cottages. A range of well-known Kerala Ayurvedic massages and general health and wellness treatments can be offered at the resort.

2. Abad Brookside Lakkidi:

Abad Brookside is one of Wayanad’s most lovely resorts located in Wayanad’s rainforest. Enjoy an infinite swimming pool with panoramic views, an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic center to relax, Guide Bird Watching, a nature walk, and a multi-course restaurant to suit your taste while luxuriating in the picturesque beauty of the natural environment. Abad Brookside provides garden and Brookside cottages with picturesque views over the nearby forest and the river in the immediate vicinity.

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3. Sharoy Resort:

The Share Resort is one of the most modern and exclusive hotels in Wayanad to make your stay unforgettable and once in your lifetime. It offers modern facilities and services. Facilities include a restaurant, infinity swimming pool, fitness center, children’s playground, game room, spa, and panoramic views of mountains and rivers. The resort offers a variety of sports, such as fishing, walking in the wild, walking among forest trees, archery, and bird watching.

4. Vythiri Resort:

Vythiri Resort Wayanad is one of the few places to stay in Wayanad, offering rustic, nature-inspired, and natural luxuries nearby to refresh your nerves. The Vythiri Resorte offers a modern lifestyle, famous as Nature’s Home Ground, such as Spas, Ayurveda Centre, Conference Hall, Games Room, Swimming Pool, Travel Assistance, Coffee Shops, Health Club, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, TV Salon, Kids Park, and Natural Pool.

The resort is situated along the high slopes with lush green and foresty and consists of three mountain river branches that lie inside the 150-acre area of the Vythiri Resort. For a relaxed tour with the modern luxury of the city, Vythiri Resort is the most suitable alternative if you are seeking a stay in the nature lap. The resort is one of the best resorts to stay in Wayanad and take your holiday as never before, from the treetop houses to the premium cottages with private pools.

5. Banasura Hill Resort:

Banasura Hill Resort is one of Wayanad’s most magnificent resorts, offering all its tourists a special kind of pleasure, services, attractions, and nature. Also named Kerala’s beautiful mud paradise, the resort offers all the luxury amenities and services to appreciate nature in its rustic form. Even in feverish summers, the resort provides accommodations that don’t require AC for cooling and chilling.

The Banasura Hill Resort services include the Ayurvedic Spas named BanasurAyur Spas; gourmet dining; adventurous treks on Banasura hills; wilderness and nature trails to provide natural training to your nerves and bodies;

6. The Windflower Resorts & Spa-Wayanad:

Windflower Resorts & Spa-Wayanad is one of Wayanad’s most beautiful nature resorts, with its amazing natural views and beautiful scenery that is dreamy, bright, and soothes the heart. With floral forest greenery; appealing rustic wooden buildings; natural walking paths through the aromatic plantations; relaxing spas, modern conveniences, swimming pools, and a climate that offers you an international feeling.

7. Tranquil Resorts:

The Tranquil Resorts are one of Wayanad’s stunning natural areas with private coffee plantations and spices, together with the dense, green forest area of the renowned Wayanad rainforests. The Tranquil Resorts give their tourists limitless natural wonders at very low pricing, promising long-term memories. It has 7 rooms and 2 wooden houses. It’s a modest resort.

8. Tea Terrace Vythiri:

The Tea Terrace Vythiri is one of those natural resorts in Wayanad which offer the perfect combination of nature and lucidity and settled amid the foggy mountains and planting that give rise to a different world.

Situated in the suburban area of Wayanad, the Tea Terrace Vythiri offers a variety of modern accommodations, playing areas, and family events; a library, original local food; and a fantastic panoramic view of the neighboring forests milky waterfalls.

9. Wayanad Wind Resort:

The next among the top Natural Resorts in Wayanad is the Garden Villa and Breezes Villas Wayanad Wind Resort for your stay. With a different flavor and characteristic of the leafy woods of Wayanad, the resort offers every kind of natural element in a vibrant and incredibly attractive resort.

10. Rippon Mount Resorts:

Located near Kalpetta, Rippon Mount Resorts provides all kinds of essential services for children and adults. Equipped with all modern facilities, the resort offers luxury accommodations, a swimming pool, tree house, adventure trails, waterfall tours, and tourist forest walks more than just perfect for a weekend.

Well, the best list of Wayanad’s top natural resorts. Pack your luggage and head to the beautiful country, where natural wonders splash in every corner and relaxing is just that simple!


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