9 Tips to Properly Care for natural hair

Hair care is something that we all require on a daily basis and there are plenty of tricks that we can follow for providing our hair with assistance. In these times, the rate of pollution has increased a lot and it affects our hair in multiple ways. The heat, the dirt and many other things play with the quality of our hair which is why we need to take constant care of our hair. Ignoring the problems of our hair on a daily basis will not harm anybody else but will affect our hair and will hamper our look with it. You can take care of them at your place and can also visit salons for the same. The spa booking apps will come of great assistance as it will provide us with some of the best spa salons and online spa services. With this you can fix an appointment just by sitting from your home without having to get down to the place. Here, in this article we will get to know about some tips to properly care for our hair.

9 Tips to Properly Care for natural hair

9 Tips to take care of hair

There are many ways through which we can take care of our natural hair and some of the important ones are mentioned here:

1. Pre-shampoo procedure

There are various stages that are involved in the cleansing of hair. Many women with natural hair practice a pre-shampoo procedure. During this, what you have to do is use an oil like olive oil or coconut oil to protect your strands before shampooing. This procedure assists in protecting the hair specially while shampooing which can extract the natural oils from your hair. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you must choose the right shampoo for your hair.

2. Condition your hair deeply

One of the most important tips is to include a deep conditioner or hair mask in your hair care routine. By using a deep conditioning treatment, your hairs and scalp will feel hydrated and you will attain a smooth and frizz free texture.

3. Oil the strands of your hair.

To nourish the strands of your hair is another tip that you need to follow and other important points that you need to keep in your mind. It will reduce the frizz of the hair and will also make the roots of your hair strong. You need to select a good hair oil that should be light weighted and will provide you with extra protection and moisture.

4. Purchase leave-in conditioners

All of our natural hair requires hydration and moisturization. You need to purchase a good leave-in conditioner that has the right properties and will provide you with the required nourishment. If you wish to make the hair follicles strong then you will have to choose a good product for your hair.

5. Do not apply extra heat on your hairs

Applying extra heat on your hair will ruin the quality of your hair eventually and make it rough and you will be prone to hair fall. Heat weakens the roots of your hair and almost all of us use hair straighteners, air dryers and flat iron constantly and this constant use affects our hairs in various ways.

6. Do not use multiple products

Using multiple products on your hair will end up damaging your hair strands in a very serious manner. If you are using one shampoo then using the same that suits your hair will keep the quality of your hair stable and by using multiple products on hair the various chemicals present in them will harm your hairs severely. So, keep in mind to stick to one good high quality product that you are using.

7. Do not pull your hair while detangling

Excess tugging and pulling of hair will break a lot of your hair and will also cause split ends. You have to keep in mind that you need to wear a protective scarf or use a non elastic hair tie. While using these, make sure that you do not tug them too hard at the root. Take the assistance of a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush while detangling your hairs. This will not allow the hairs to break and will make it pain free too.

8. Night routine

Your hair strands also require some rest, so, during the night time, take the assistance of a silk scarf on a silk pillowcase for tying it. This will help in protecting your hairs from breakage. This will help in retaining the moisture in your hair and will minimize the friction against the hair strand.

9. Hair Spa

This is one of the best ways in which you can take care of your hair. Going to a hair spa on a regular basis will rejuvenate your hair and strengthen it too. This should definitely be on your hair care regime. No matter what your hair type is, you can find a hair spa treatment which will improve the growth and quality of your hair.

Advantages of natural hair care

Let us have a look upon some of the major advantages of hair care:

  • Regular hair care will impart shine to your hair
  • It will help in preventing the breakage of your hair
  • Helps in reducing frizz of the hair
  • It will strengthen the hair follicles and the roots of your hair.

How to book services from a spa booking app?

With the development of technology in the market, it has become very easy and comfortable to book appointments through spa booking apps. If you want to book hair spa services or Online Salon services, now you don’t have to worry about getting down to the salon and fixing an appointment, you can comfortably do it by sitting at your place. Here are the steps that the customers need to follow for booking an appointment in a salon app:

First Step: Download the application and search for the salon you want to receive services from.

Second Step: After searching the service, select the hair spa service you want to go for

Third Step: After selecting the service, you have to select the timing that is applicable for you

Fourth Step: After selecting the timing, click the book on the app and you have got yourself a hair spa service easily by sitting at your home.


Hair care is very essential for each one of us. We need to find the right products and the right salon to provide us with treatments with the right products and also the ones that suggest us some good products and some good tips. You can take the assistance of the best spa booking app for selecting the best salons for yourself and then book appointments easily in just a few clicks.

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