Moissaniteco, Famed Jewelers, All Set to Launch First Line of Super Ideal Cut Moissanites

Established in year 2005, Moissaniteco is the initiative of both Mike and Jera Christensen. The company so far has been a world leader in moissanite gems and jewelry. And now it has been over a decade in the business with utter satisfaction and a big clientage in the world. Moissaniteco’s brilliance and authentication lie in its satisfied customers, who happen to be its word-of-mouth publicity all the time. As for Mike, he is a fourth-generation jeweler from Las Vegas, where his grandfather had built his first store on Fremont Street more than 80 years ago.

Moissaniteco’s Knows Its Customers from All Angles

Moissaniteco is all the time well-aware of its customers from all angles, this is the reason that they catch the pulse of its customers. And obviously, this is the reason that every customer would love to buy the products from them time and again. Once a customer buys or slips into Moissaniteco’s store, he or she is bound to buy the jewelry, and ultimately turns out to be Moissaniteco’s repeated customer.

The company knows that the customers they have onboard are quite price-conscious, thus, they are offered the products easily fit into their budget. But there is no compromise on quality if the price is low. Quality inspection is always done before the product reaches the final stage of manufacturing. The inspection team takes all measures to do the job. Once the product is finalized from quality checks, then it comes out for the customers.

Moissaniteco has very brilliant, highly professional and skilled designers apart from the other team members who are all the time energetic and passionate about their assigned works. The designers are quite aware of the liking of the customers, besides, they keep eyeing on the latest trends in the market. Keeping everything in mind, a design is made.

 When you’re shopping for a moissanite ring, a good rule of thumb is to measure your finger size twice and average them. This will ensure that the size of the ring is perfect for your hand. There are many ways to measure ring size, but they all have pros and cons. One method is to use string and then put it around the widest part of your finger. Another method is to take a piece of paper and wrap it around your ring finger, then cut out an equal-sized circle that will be the right fit for your ring finger. When measuring a diamond’s size, you should use a magnifying glass when viewing it under 10X magnification or place it in front of light source under normal lighting conditions.

Moissaniteco was the first to sell whitened (enhanced) moissanite. It was also the first to sell 3rd party lab-certified moissanite gems. Moissaniteco happened to be the first to offer hearts and arrow-cut moissanites. The company is all set to launch the first line of super ideal cut moissanites which are cut and then faceted by using the 21st century’s latest robots and lasers so that it is made sure that each stone is cut to superhuman precision.

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