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To create a mobile app strategy paper from the start is a daunting task, but it is worthwhile. You won’t know in what direction you can take your app if you don’t have an app strategy from the beginning.

Make sure you see the view behind the app, the technology stack that it uses, and the overall business model when documenting a mobile app strategy.

This post will help you develop a mobile strategy that does not only work but also has an impact.

Let’s start. 

What Should be Added in a Mobile App Development Planning Document

Everything about the app should be included in your mobile app strategy paper. This includes:

Scope: What is the application’s purpose and why?

Vision: What’s the company’s vision behind this application?

Purpose: Is it an internal app or a public app?

Functions: What are the mobile app functions?

Duration: How many days is the mobile app going to take to develop?

Budget: What is the mobile application development budget?

Gap Analysis: Who are the mobile app competitors?

SWOT Analysis: What are the mobile app’s strengths and weaknesses?

Business Model: How is the app going to make the company money?

The plan of your company guides your mobile app development approach, it is crucial that all stakeholders are involved. This ensures that the mobile app and its business model have the right direction. 

You can also take help from the app creation companies while developing a mobile app. They will also help you with making the strategies.  

Important Factors of Mobile App Development Planning Document

Following are the factors are given of mobile app development planning document:

The vision of a Company

Always start at the highest level when creating the direction of the mobile app. Discuss with stakeholders their vision for the mobile app when you document the mobile app strategy. There are many aspects to mobile app testing so you should make it the best.

Ask them how soon they will launch and market the app.

Stakeholders will also get an idea of their target market as it is an application that they have predicted. Get everything in the app strategy plan and document it.

Business Model

There is nothing for free online. Each company wants to earn money in one way or another. If the app is free, the content generated for dynamic ads and native ad placements is used by the user. Facebook or Instagram is a good example of this model. Publicity is used for social media platforms.

The app will offer subscriptions for users if it has a premium model. The Netflix mobile app is an example of this model. To access streaming content, you must purchase a Netflix subscription.

Apps now have various business models, but these two are the two most common ways to make money using mobile apps.

SWOT Examination

What are your mobile app’s strengths and weaknesses? Think about the value you will give the users of your mobile apps when creating your mobile application development plan. 

Competitive Examinations

Who else provides the same services like yours? Check it out and find out what kind of mobile app it has developed for its companies. Competitive analyses can help you build a better mobile application to overcome the other apps in the store or you can take help from one of the best app creation companies. 

Consumer Journey

Finally, make sure you have a customer journey within the mobile app that you create. If you are unsure what a visit to your mobile app is, think of it as the path a visitor takes.

It should be defined in the best way possible so that people can get to your app.

Mobile App Planning Step-by-Step Guide

Following are the steps in mobile app planning:

  1. Establish a Roadmap for Development
  2. Create a roadmap for your mobile application first and foremost. There are two kinds of cross-platform app development tools: hybrid and native applications. Think about which one is best suited to your needs. If this application is an external public app, make sure it works better on your mobile phone, for a native application.

Creating Milestones for Development

You need a milestone in your development. Development milestones tell of the total time it takes for the mobile app to be created. The app should be developed, developed, and then launched and implemented on the respective platforms.

Be Mindful of a Budget

The mobile app development strategy includes your budget as well. What is your overall budget for the app? Is it three thousand dollars or is it thirty thousand? A $30,000 budget is needed to create a full mobile app, which provides the user with everything under the hood.

Define Stack of Technology

A multiplicity of bodies including programming languages and software products will build your mobile application. The entire technology stack is SDK + databases for the mobile application. You can visit techviral for tech tutorials.


A key part of your success in mobile app development consists of documenting your mobile app strategy. If you plan to build your first mobile app and have not yet documented the right strategy, do it right now.

In addition to helping you now when you build your application and in the development phase, the application development strategy also will help you once the development is done. It will help you to market your mobile app properly and make it a profitable business for the right audience.

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