Mistakes to avoid while preparing for Board exams

Almost all students need to undergo the board examination during their study life. Many children as well as their parents have high expectations regarding the board exams. So every student pushes themselves to a great extent to get the marks and open great opportunities for further studies. Preparations for the board exam cannot be a task for a day. It requires the proper dedication of students to score good marks on boards. It is a great milestone that every student wants to achieve in a better way. Get the 11th class ncert solution on time, to just revise everything studied in the 11th standard.

To get good marks on boards, it is very important to make a proper routine of studying. Planning will make the overall process of learning better. Sometimes, it is seen that many students do a lot of mistakes while preparing for the boards. Let’s have a look at the mistakes and know well how to prepare for boards.

  • Thinking that knowledge is composed of isolated facts: Many weak learners just want to memorize each concept rather they don’t understand it properly. This is a wrong practice that might not work for the students in long run. It is better to learn things in such a way that it can be in the mind of the student for a long period. This will help in gaining knowledge which is important from the perspective of studies in long run.
  • Focusing on two or more tasks at a time: Many students might be focusing on doing two or more tasks at a time. In this practice of studying, there will be a switch of the brain back and forth in the two tasks and it cannot retrieve the important information from both. Students’ brain is not that developed that they can handle multitasking at a time. o better to plan things out and according start to function.
  • Relying too much on instructors: in schools and tuitions, students are told many things about how to prepare for the exams. Not every student can be falling the same schedule of studying. So it is better not to rely so much on the instructors for every help in planning, students themselves need to find out what type of studying patterns are working for them. Although they can guide you to the textbooks. Handouts and notes, but still students musty [put some extra effort to get more information on the internet. If you want to succeed in life, you need to put in that extra effort. Not forget to go through different 11 ncert book and prepare for board exams. 
  • Not leaving enough time for study: When the board exams are near, the student tends to become busy. So it is very important to plan different things out so that they are having enough time to devote to different subjects. Every concept of the subject needs to be covered on time so that chances of forgetting it becomes very low and the knowledge can be retained for a very long time. never leave very little time to cover a concept.
  • Studying in an arbitrary rather than priority: All the students that are going to appear in the board’s exam are provided by the blueprints from board authorities. All the proportions of concepts and the exam patterns are clearly defined. So it is better to get start planning your study according. So that there are more chances of knowing more things and learning everything important for board exams.
  • Wasting time for reinforcing your strengths: The students need to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Some students keep on revising the subjects in which they are good. Rather it will be great if the student keeps their focus on the weaknesses as well. To get good results in the end, every subject and every concept will help in achieving that. So it is better to improve your studying pattern accordingly.
  • Not testing yourself: There might be a student that might focus on learning things but forget to test themselves. Even this is a wrong practice, testing yourself before the main exam will make you much more confident about your studies. This will enable you to know that which concepts a different amount of time needs to be devoted. The tests will help to know better how to plan different things.

Just to be best in different situations, it is very important to plan everything out and make sure how it will be helpful for us in long run. But if you are still confused about how to start the preparations about the boards, just get the help of Infinity Learn who has built a high-quality education for all the students across the globe. All the experts will give their best guidance to all their students to appear well in board exams. 


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