Things To Keep In Mind When Planning To Get A Massage Today

Since 2020, life has been more stressful than normal because of the coronavirus pandemic. People are battling anxiety and depression. And, the chances are high that you’re in the same boat. One of the best ways to feel better is to go for a massage. However, getting a massage during these trying moments requires keeping some things in mind. Check out some of these things below.

Get A Massage

It is totally okay to get a massage today

The pandemic has made everyone to be wary about getting into close contact with some else. And, this scenario happens during massage therapy. Fortunately, reputable massage spas have a professional therapist who minds their health and that of their clients. So, the therapists take great care to lessen any potential risk of spreading the virus as possible. This requires implementing essential safety precautions during the massage session including:

  • Good ventilation
  • Screening clients’ health
  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Increasing time before working on the next client

Generally, the massage spa should adhere to local and national guidelines regarding safety. The therapists have to take extra precautions to ensure their safety and that of their clients. You have to be keen to see whether the therapist is taking full precautions to protect you from the virus.

Safest massage to have

When you opt for walk in massage, choice of therapy doesn’t determine potential risk. You just have to keep in mind that intense therapy includes sweating and breathing harder just like you’re working out in a gym. The rule of thumb is to visit a spa with revised standards to match pandemic safety guidelines. And, the staff should focus on cleanliness with staff wearing masks and undertaking routine sanitizing after working on clients.

Most important of all, the premises should have demarcations to maintain social distancing in the best way possible. Some other safety precautions to look out for in the massage spa include:

  • Disinfection of communal areas
  • Use of gloves and masks
  • Deep cleaning of the premises
  • Contact tracing in case of infections

Getting the most out of a massage

Ensure to put on your face mask as a safety measure to keep you safe during the pandemic. Ask if you can have your massage with the windows open or outdoors to allow full abdominal breathing with more airflow. The breathing technique boosts health and encourages relaxation. Do these simple things to have a stress-free experience to get the most from the session.

What to do after enjoying massage at the spa

After a fulfilling session, it is very important to understand what you should do. You need to know whether you’ll need a change of clothes, take a shower, or other appropriate precautions before leaving the spa. Maintaining exceptional hand hygiene is paramount to ensure that you don’t important the virus into your belongings, car, or home. This is very important, especially when living with someone whose immune system is compromised.

There’s no need for an immediate change of clothes or taking a shower after your massage session. Although, there’s no guarantee that you might pass on the virus with your clothes, the truth is that COVID-19 is a respiratory infection. Taking a shower after a deep massage is very relaxing but you can get back home and use your bathroom.

Do this at home after your massage for your overall health and well-being

Massage therapy is good for tension, anxiety, and stress relief. After your massage session, you have to do a few things to make it work for you better. Eat well, do regular exercises, and improve your sleep to complement massage on benefiting your health and wellbeing. It is key that your therapist takes full safety precautions to eliminate chances of exposing you to any risk amidst the current coronavirus pandemic.

Massage is a Supplement to help you stay healthy

During the pandemic, wearing your mask, social distancing, washing hands regularly, and taking vitamin C are very important. However, you should add massage as a supplement to help you stay healthy and safe because of various benefits including:

  • Boosting circulation to limit numbness, aching, and swelling
  • Improving posture for better breathing
  • Prepares the body to fight against the virus
  • Remediates muscle atrophy and tissue damage
  • Limits chances of catching cold and flue
  • Prevents potential hair loss resulting from anxiety
  • Facial massage relieves tight muscles to limit aging
  • Effective in managing stress and anxiety

Wrapping up

In this day and age where everybody is concerned about their health, massage therapy is a great idea. Massage techniques have significant benefits on the body to beat issues such as stress, headaches, and anxiety. With the current pandemic, you can visit a reputable spa with safety predations in place and a professional therapist for your massage session today to boost your health.


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