Luxury Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing home decor and house building materials, we tend to look for both conveniences and elegance. In most cases, having both of these together becomes a challenge, and it’s usually a tradeoff between the two.

However, vinyl is one such material that is extremely versatile and, at the same time, looks very chic and luxurious. If you are someone who is keen on buying luxury vinyl flooring, or LVT as they call it, you might want to know more about this flooring technique.

We asked the experts of luxury vinyl flooring in Charleston to contribute their opinions and thoughts regarding LVT, and now we have a complete guide on this subject. Enjoy the read as you know more about luxury vinyl flooring.

LVT and Its Types

LVT flooring is available in two types, namely, a click-on version and a stick-down version. Click-on LVT tiles have a mechanism that allows the builder to click the tile and plank together during installation.

Stick-down tiles or dry back tiles, as they are also known, have a different method of installation. The builder needs to glue the tiles and planks and place them on a subfloor, which is again fixed with glue. 

While click-on tiles are quick to install and go with many types of subfloors, the dry back variety performs well in all areas of the home, even with places that undergo erratic temperature variations. 

Where to Use LVT?

LVT flooring can essentially come into use in any room where you would consider wooden, ceramic, or stone flooring. You can book an appointment with an installer from services that provide luxury vinyl flooring in Charleston, and they will help you decide the best rooms for LVT flooring! 

In kitchens, LVT would enable you to wipe away spilt stuff easily, and in bathrooms, its waterproof feature is going to stand out. In hallways, where a lot of people come in and go out, it will offer a luxurious look with much simpler maintenance. 

Fitting of the Tiles

The fitting of LVT should strictly be done under a professional because these tiles require special treatment to ensure their full potential. You will be able to use LVT tiles on most kinds of subflooring – however, the subfloor might need pre-treatment. LVT works well with underfloor heating as well!

How to Maintain LVT Flooring?

LVT is sufficiently low-maintenance flooring and does not require too much care. However, two points to keep in mind are:

  • To clean, use a broom or a mop with a cleaning product that is compatible with vinyl. Do not use detergent or bleaching products.
  • You can place cups or wheel coasters under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid damaging the subfloor. Also, be careful about dragging furniture across the floor. That could leave marks. 

You can contact any service that provides luxury vinyl flooring in Charleston to answer further questions about LVT maintenance. 


In this LVT guide, we discussed and went over all the generic doubts you might have before going in to make your purchase. We hope that the information we shared will be valuable to you and will help you in making the best choices for your home.

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