Little Things You Could Do for Better Nightly Sleep

Sleep may come easily to others while some often struggle to get enough sleep. There are several factors that can interfere with having a good nightly sleep, it could be stress related to work or personal affairs. Aside from the stresses of daily living, little details can add up too. No wonder that many failed in having quality sleep and sometimes it becomes elusive making it difficult for many to slumber away and benefit from restorative sleep. 

There are certain factors that go beyond your control that interfere with sleep. However, you can start adopting habits that can encourage quality sleep while tweaking some things around your bedroom.

  1. Be cautious of what you drink and eat. It is best to avoid heavy meals a few hours prior to your sleep schedule. It is also recommended by sleep experts not to go to bed when hungry or full. Take nicotine and caffeine with caution since these are stimulants that will take hours to wear off. If you think that alcohol makes you sleepy, then you are right but it can interfere with your sleep as you slumber through the night.
  2. Create an environment conducive to better sleep. Tone down the lights and avoid unnecessary noises. Avoid exposure to bright lights and limit screen time before going to bed. Light exposure can affect your ability to fall asleep making it more challenging and difficult. It is best to keep your bedroom quiet, cool and dark to set a stage for your quality sleep.
  3. Check your mattress. As part of your sleeping equipment, your mattress plays an integral role in achieving quality sleep. Your mattress should provide you exceptional comfort and support, like the luxury adjustable base type which has the features of a premium mattress. It should have the right kind of firmness that will conform to your sleep position. Check your mattress for any stains, mildew and odors. Older mattress can be a breathing ground for bacteria, mites and dust which could trigger an allergic response. If you notice some uneven or sagging areas in your mattress most likely it will not provide you with the comfort and support you need only leaving you tossing and turning at night.
  4. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. The ability to sleep should come naturally as scheduled every night. But for many people, bedtime have been erratic. Most adults require about 7 to 8 hours of sleep and if you find it difficult to get enough sleep better develop a good habit by setting a time for your sleep. Stick to the plan as you gradually attune yourself and your bodily systems accustom for full night of sleep. Even if you don’t feel sleepy prepare yourself mentally and physically at least half an hour prior to your sleep schedule. This means that you are clearing mind, keeping a relaxing vibe while getting ready for bed.
  5. Upgrade your Pillow. There are many choices for pillows out there, from memory foam to kapok fiber filled cushions. Lots of people have reported great results when they upgraded to Buckwheat Hulls Pillow. These pillows are filled with the husks of the buckwheat grain and are super popular in japan but slowly also become a favorite for people in America and Canada. Their main advantage is that they are super firm and supportive, resulting in superior pressure relieve for your whole upper body and hence improving your sleep tremendously once adjusted properly.

In this era when sleep has become a luxury for most people, we really have to exert effort to have a good quality nightly sleep. We may have to sacrifice a lot of things but don’t fret because they would be all worth it. Sleep is the best gift we can give to ourselves because we can never function effectively without getting enough of it every day.

Adrianna Tori

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