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List Of Must Have Chemicals Which Ease Your Cleaning At Home

While house cleaning may not be your favorite hobby, a few minutes spent fighting the germs can go a long way to ensure your family’s good health. Cleaning with a bar of soap or detergent-based household cleanser minimizes the number of germs on surfaces and lowers the risk of infection from those surfaces. 

One can get their hands on some efficient chemicals from Chemical Suppliers Adelaide has been providing safe chemicals to Australia for over 23 years.  

Some of the most regularly used chemicals for surface decontamination and cleaning are the following. 

Chlorine Dioxide 

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a powerful antiseptic, disinfectant, and oxidant commonly active at concentrations lower than those required for chlorine bleach.

However, activated solutions have a one-day life span, so a new solution must be created every day. Although chlorine dioxide is inflammable as a gas, it is soluble in water and stable in an aqueous solution. One should order stable chlorine dioxide, which is activated on-site as needed. 

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) And Peracetic Acid

These chemicals, like chlorine, are potent oxidants that can be treated as successful and remarkable germicides. They are also less harmful to humans and the environment than chlorine. However, because dilute solutions have a five-day shelf life, new solutions must be produced periodically if they are utilized unless a stabilized commercial product is used.

Hydrogen peroxide is available as a ready-to-use 3% solution or a 30% aqueous solution that must be diluted to 5-10 times its original volume with sterilized water. However, as antiseptics, such 3-6 percent hydrogen peroxide solutions are somewhat inefficient and restricted. Other additives are now used in products to stabilize the hydrogen peroxide level, speed up its germicidal effect, and make it less corrosive. 

Iodophor Disinfectant

One of the primary disinfectants used to decrease the risk of skin disease. However, it is essential to follow the directions on the label to make this solution. 0.47 percent should be the final concentration. 

These solutions must be labeled and dated, with a 365-day or one year of the expiration date.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds 

This chemical is used to disinfect green bacteria and non-lipid-containing viruses at concentrations of 0.1-2 percent. Anionic detergents can neutralize quaternary ammonium compounds, which are ineffective against spores. Quats can take a long time to work; it’s also not as powerful against some viruses, such as noroviruses.


Cleaning with a bar of soap or detergent-based household cleanser minimizes the number of germs on surfaces and lowers the risk of infection from those surfaces. ASIS Scientific is Adelaide’s primary science and chemical supplier. They are home to chemicals for all industries, with chemicals suited for all sectors and sourced from trustworthy suppliers.  To clean countertops and other hard surfaces, use an all-purpose cleaner (like 409 or Simple Green). If you have marble, quartz, or granite in your kitchen, only clean them with mild dish detergent and warm water to prevent breaking down the stone’s sealant

This organization comprises a variety of competent and certified chemical suppliers Adelaide with a variety of scientific backgrounds. Our customers employ a variety of chemicals, reagents, and ingredients that we provide daily for experimentation and learning. 

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