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Instagram tops as the social media platform for the beauty and cosmetic industry. You want to launch the latest beauty product online or gather some customer feedback – Instagram feed is the answer to all. Social media is full of beauty content. You can run makeup tutorials, get product reviews from fashion influences, discuss natural skincare routines or have Q&A sessions on social media networking. Visuals are always more appealing, and this is the reason that beauty brands target virtual-based social networks. More than 90% of the social engagements take place on illustrative mediums.

You may face a big challenge as there is enormous competition online. There are millions of cosmetic brands that are dependent on Instagram for business growth. Your frantic search ends here – ask for cheap Instagram commentsfrom the social media booster

Simple and effective ways to pump your Instagram followers 

  • Share beauty tutorials – You would attract many followers and engage online users in posting beauty tutorials. Makeup tutorials are one of the most popular types of Instagram feeds. Ace brands like Revlon and Garnier also connect to their consumers through virtual seminars. Since you connect to the customers directly and face-to-face, it leaves a significant impact on the brand.

Create a niche for your product by connecting with consumers in new ways. You could be bagging real-time likes and comments on Instagram. Keep the posts quite simple but fun. You can do this by categorizing each video and making it user-friendly for the consumers to watch. It is imperative to post short and attractive videos for maximum followers. Lots of brands are doing this, and so you must offer something unique.

  • Make the brands reachable – The significant advantage of social presence is to communicate globally. You must create a personal connection with the consumers by responding directly. It makes the entire Instagram feed more meaningful. More than 70% of millennials believe their loyalty towards any product or brand is on getting an immediate response. Getting more IG likes, comments, and building followers can depend on having authentic and loyal customers.

Always be accessible to all the comments and direct messages. Have a dedicated team to answer the Insta queries and reply sincerely. The old way of developing customer relations was to thank in-store. With the changing times, even the marketing strategies have altered. In the present day, Instagram comments and likes are customer relations. The active likes and comments reflect your brand’s reputation.

  • The hashtag is a game-changer – Using hashtags enables you to connect with related brands and products. It is crucial to engage in branded hashtags to populate more followers. The hashtags keep a tab of the brand outreach by constantly building user-generated content. Your consumers would find the hashtags more engaging as it leverages more related content. You can create new hashtags or connect with celebrities and influencers to generate more comments on Instagram. Your brand can connect with fans, dealers, and other supporting brands.
  • User-generated content – Did you know that Instagram feeds increase by 30% on sharing user-generated content? Surprised! Your type of content, whether its image or video, should be UGC driven. It populates the brand value and amplifies the comments and interactions.

You can do this by posting real pictures of the customers. Share the before and after images, videos of the hair treatment using your brand, genuine feedback, and product benefits.It generates100% genuine Instagram comments and followers. User-generated content is the best method of improving IG page value as people relate with the common public and not just celebrities.

  • Introduce contests and competitions – Indulge your consumers by conducting occasional contests. Let the brand or the product do the talking. The users would be intrigued to engage more and more. Announce simple giveaways for all the participants and special discounts for the winner.It would excite the followers and lead to long-term customer relationships.

You can also publish festival-themed competitions, which come with added goodies for all the winners. Undeniably it is very authentic and active in generating Instagram followers.

  • Award stickers to get feedback – Insta stories are gaining popularity, and more businesses are taking this approach to expand. You can boost your Instagram followers by adding stickers to loyal customers. Small quiz competitions, polls for gathering opinions, and emoji sliders are few to mention. 
  • Go Live (InstaLive) – Your beauty range business can reach soaring heights by launching live interactive sessions. It is an incredible way of connecting with users. You get immediate replies, comments, likes, feedback which is all authentic. Getting active and fast Instagram followers is possible by broadcasting a show with the influencer or showing a product review.
  • Engage the Influencers – How about bringing the expert’s opinions online? One of the most powerful methods of establishing customer engagement is inviting influencers and beauty experts on board. Your IG account will grow in leaps and bounds on bringing a large social audience. Always target diverse beauty experts to announce new product-live, tutorial sessions, or just cosmetic workshops.
  • Go Diverse – All the posts and shares on your Insta account should be targeting people from different walks of life. Give the widest color range, skin type variations, and hair type to have full coverage of customers. Your motto should be beauty for all and should be reflected on all Instagram feeds. Addressing every customerneed is the foremost goal of any business.

One of the most important social media strategies to increase networking is to post every day. Yes! You must be active online on Instagram to get maximum response. Social networking gives you the liberty of posting images, videos, direct chats, stories, and going live – make the most of it.

Never post anything boring or very ordinary. Your account should be active and always try new ideas. Images should be aesthetically charming, and the videos should be of high quality. Your complete guide on planning the social media strategies depends on getting likes, getting comments, and active followers from Instagram.

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