Impetigo is a very common and highly contagious skin infection that occurs, mainly among infants and young children. The bacteria causing the impetigo virus is known as staphylococcus aureus. It is a very common bacteria and children usually get it easily because Impetigo is a highly communicable infection.

Impetigo, usually occurs in Children Of Ages 2, to 5 and with close contact, it can spread within families. During warm and humid weather impetigo, becomes a very common ailment. And already cut skin with insect bites or some rash is more prone to impetigo virus. Children with skin conditions, such as dermatitis and weak immune system are also prone to impetigo.


Red sores around the nose and mouth and on hands and feet are the most common symptom of impetigo. Biologically impetigo is a bacterial infection on the Superficial skin. Along with rashes and blots on large, blisters can also occur upon growing and armpits. Besides the obvious symptom of red sores, around the nose and mouth, there are some less obvious ones such as Fever.


The infection starts to spread in the form of sores around the body, but with time after a few days, it gets covered with a golden and grainy crust that spreads on the edges. The infected area starts to increase with time. And it invades a deeper layer of skin. In such severe cases, the form of impetigo turns into ecthyma.

Ecthyma timer can be very itchy. And when children, scratch those irritated areas the infection rises even more spread rapidly. It can even cause permanent scars and change the skin color for a Lifetime.


In severe cases of impetigo, the patient might be prone to kidney diseases such as post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. Besides kidney problems and scarring, cellulitis is another severe complication that might occur due to impetigo.


The prevention of impetigo in the first place lies in self-cleaning. Washing cuts, wounds, insect bites. And if a person is infected with impetigo, it is very important and crucial to maintaining distance from them.

Antibiotics and creams are generally prescribed by doctors to treat impetigo. As it is not a severe Life-threatening situation, Impetigo easily gets treated within a limited time with proper medicines and plenty of rest.

Besides maintaining hygiene the person suffering from impetigo can also use a few home remedies. A Very crucial home remedy for any skin infection is the usage of aloe vera. This African Lily plant is a very common medicinal ingredient for treating impetigo. Chamomile tea is also a very useful remedy when it comes to treating impetigo. You can also use garlic by slicing and directly placing it on the impetigo sores. Ginger, Grapefruit seeds, eucalyptus, honey, Neem, tea tree oil, and usage of turmeric has also been regarded as a few important home remedies for the treatment of impetigo. Including them in your diet plans or washing the skin-affected area. These medicinal ingredients might provide relief from the mild discomfort due to the source.


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