It’s all about Pisco Sours – why you need to try this cocktail

If a drink is being described by many as ‘“transcendental”, it’s worth tasting right? After sipping on a perfectly made Pisco Sour, we really can’t argue with that description. Known as being the cocktail of Peru, (although its origin is a touchy subject) this unique drink combines Pisco, lemon juice, simple syrup, and most interestingly, egg white. Don’t let the last ingredient turn you off though, it’s arguably the best bit! We chat all things Pisco Sours and why you need to try this cocktail below!

What pisco really is

While pisco is described by many as being a Peruvian brandy and belonging in the brandy and cognac category, it really is a spirit all to itself. It’s unaged and is often coined as being a distilled wine as the spirit is obtained from distilling grapes from wine regions of Peru and Chile.  As Pisco can be colourless or have a yellow/amber hue, some people associate it with tequila, especially, as it has hints of earthiness in its flavour. So put simply, it’s a drink with many names, descriptions and origins. Confused right? And that’s before you’ve even put away a few of the legendary cocktails!

Where Pisco Sours all began

Chileans and Peruvians have their version of the cocktail’s origin, but as the legend goes, it was born out of a bar in Lima, Peru where an American bartender Victor Morris experimented with different mixtures until travellers and locals alike got wind of his delicious creation, the Pisco Sour. The debate between Peru and Chile continues to this day, however, with both countries still vying for the title of being the creator of the famous Pisco Sour. The Peruvians don’t mess around though, holding an annual ‘National Pisco Sour Day’ or ‘Día Nacional del Pisco Sour’ every February. Also, a little birdie told us the best version of the drink is in fact in Lima (sorry Chile).

What makes it so great?

Besides its unusual back story, the ingredients in Pisco Sours are also what evokes people’s curiosity and makes this tipple a must-try. One of the first cocktails to incorporate an egg white into the mix, it’s easy to assume that the result won’t be good. But in fact, it’s what makes this cocktail so special. Ever get a cocktail served to you and the foam on top goes flat after a few sips? In our opinion, it’s the adult version of losing your balloon or dropping your ice cream. However, fear not with a Pisco Sour, the egg white’s iconic frothy finish helps bring together a delicious mix of tart, sweet, silky, frothy goodness that lasts, making this drink an egg-cellent choice indeed.

What’s in it?

So your interest is already piqued by the weird and wonderful origin of this cocktail? We can’t blame you! If you’re about to get alcohol delivered, here are the top ingredients that you’ll need to make a banging Pisco Sour cocktail.

  • – 50ml Pisco Barsol Acholado Pisco (side note: there is a world of pisco brands out there, available through:
  • – 50ml lime juice
  • – 50ml Monin sugar syrup (other delicious varieties are also on the market from Cawseys or Giffard).
  • – 1 egg white
  • – Large handful of ice
  • – Few drops of Angostura bitters
  • – Lime slices, to garnish

How to make it

One of the most unique drinks out there, and the Peruvians go-to cocktail, it’s important that the method for this creation is adhered to. There’s a risk of making it too sour or too frothy, to get it just right, here’s how to nail the perfect Pisco Sour.

To paraphrase Bond, shaken not blended is the main thing you need to remember when making a Pisco Sour. Many recipes will recommend blending, but we’ll put money on it that those recipe authors are not cocktail bartenders! Instead, whip out a trusty cocktail shaker and pour in the Pisco, lime juice and sugar syrup with the egg white and add a large handful of ice. Now it’s time to get moving! Shake, shake, shake for 30 secs, the foamy result will be worth the mini cardio sesh!

Once shaken enough, or your arms give up, strain the mixture into two chilled glasses. Add a few drops of the Angostura bitters to the top of each cocktail, garnish with a lime slice and get sipping!

Tastebuds longing for this cocktail? Or is your inner bartender tempted to give it a go? With more than 20 different Pisco’s available onsite, grab your pisco sour ingredients from and get alcohol delivered straight to your door!


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