Is it time to dig for gold within the Online Slots?

Panning for gold has always been a treasured pastime for many, but what about digging for gold? With the advancement in technology, it has never been more accessible for people to discover gold and reap its rewards online, within the online casino world.

One slot franchise that does just that is Dynamite Riches. Over the years this mining game has released many variations of the gold-filled slot, with players trying to dig out the biggest win of them all.

So, join us, as we head down the mineshaft and explore the original glistering gold world below our feet in Dynamite Riches. 슬롯사이트

Dynamite Riches

There’s no need to bring a pickaxe or a map with an X marking the spot, as Dynamite Riches is set within a gold mine, where the aim of the game is to blow up and unlock new levels, whilst gathering as much gold as you possibly can within your spin allowance, and digging closer and closer to the ultimate jackpot below.

Start your journey to the depths below from as little as 0.10 credits, to discover a dark world lit by little lamps and the flickers of gold, with a banjo playing in the background and a 5×4 grid ready to be taken for a spin within the mines.

Within the reels, you’ll find gemstone-inspired playing card symbols, as well as lamps, pickaxes, shovels, helmets, pouches of glistening gold and a bearded miner. For those searching for a hearty payday whilst digging for gold, land five bearded miners and you could see yourself sending 15x your bet in a direct shoot to your bankroll.

Not only are there standard mining themed symbols spinning around the reels, but there are also three wilds to look out for too, dynamite, gold bars and diamonds, all acting as substitutes for standard symbols within gameplay helping you to create more matches. Land five in a row and earn yourself 15x your stake. Wilds can also lead players to four bonus features.

Something that players love about this game is its jackpot. A big part of online casino promotions and advantages is the fact that players from all sites playing Dynamite Riches contribute to the jackpot with the stakes that they put down each game. All losses are emptied into the ever-growing daily jackpot. The only way for players to mine the jackpot into their bank balance is by progressing further down the mineshaft, unlocking levels and levels of untapped joy until they reach the riches only most can dream of unearthing.

Is your lust for gold strong enough to power you through the mineshafts? Could you increase your bank balance with a gold bar or more? Or will you be the lucky one that unearths the biggest jackpot of the day within the mines below? There’s only one way to find out, head deep down into the ground below in an epic adventure within the goldmine shafts of Dynamite Riches today!


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