Is Hunting Good for the Environment?

Hunting is in decline in America, but there are still around 11.5 million people that partake in the activity today. If you are one of those hunters or are thinking about getting into hunting, you might consider: is hunting good for the environment?

The short answer is that hunting can provide many benefits to the environment if it’s done in the right way. In this short post, we’ll explore some of those potential benefits. This way, when someone comes up to you who disagrees with hunting and asks you why you do it, you’ll have some solid answers.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the environmental benefits of hunting.

Wildlife Population Management

In many instances, there is an imbalance in a particular wildlife population which can be causing more harm than good to the environment. Thus, hunting can help in reducing the wildlife population to levels that support the better functioning of the ecosystem.

There are many parts of America, as well as around the world where governments employ professional hunters to manage the population of a certain species to ensure they don’t take over and ruin the local habitat.

Without hunting, various species could go instinct due to a large number of predators wiping them out. So quite, the answer to “is hunting good for the environment,” is yes, in the right circumstances.

Support Conservation Efforts

With taxes on ammunition, firearms, hunting licenses, and other fees for hunters, a lot of conservation efforts can be made. The government directs millions of dollars a year with money from the hunting industry to support various environmental management and conservation schemes.

The decline in hunting is putting pressure on the government to find new sources of income to fund conservation work! So, although there have been some pretty bad press about firearms recently, there still are strong arguments for Americans to own guns, just for the right reasons. Hunting responsibly is one of those right reasons.

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Excellent Source of Nutrition

Hunting for your own food is something we have done since the dawn of man. To say that it’s wrong is to essentially deny your heritage as a human being.

When you eat game meat, you’re getting a healthy source of free-range and organic meat. Many argue that hunting and eating wildlife is much better than mass-farmed types of meat. Plus, any extra meat you have left you can donate to meat donation programs all around the country to help people in need.

Is Hunting Good for the Environment?

Is hunting good for the environment? Well, it’s all about context with hunting. When you go about hunting in a responsible manner where you aim to help wildlife population management and conservation efforts, then, of course, it’s great for the environment. It’s also good if you don’t waste the meat, and instead make use of the excellent source of nutrition from game meat.

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