Is a Truck Better Or an SUV for your business fleet?

This is one question that businesses creating a fleet are confronted with. When they finally decide to purchasevehicles, the very first thing they are faced with is what type of vehicle they need to get for their fleet. There are two major types of vehicles that most people will choose when purchasing a business fleet. One type of vehicle is the large passenger truck and the other type is the utility vehicle. So what is the difference between the two? Which one is better for you? 

The weight of a vehicle is a very big determining factor in what type of truck you should purchase. If you are going to be hauling heavy loads on a regular basis for your business, then a truck is probably a better choice. However, if you only intend to be driving short distances and perhaps run some errands, then you can get a SUV. The gas mileage and the price are also great factors when it comes to deciding which type of truck to purchase. SUVs will cost more than large passenger trucks but they will save money on the overall price. So is a truck better or an SUV? 

The overall size is one that cannot be answered as a single yes or no answer. One of the main factors in choosing a vehicle is how many people you are planning to be carrying as a driver. If you are just a truck driver, then obviously an SUV is not a good option. However, most truck drivers will have passengers as well. So you can easily decide that if you are just a single person then you should go with a smaller truck. If you are a trucking company or someone who drives a truck full time, then you might consider a large truck since you will be carrying more people and therefore more cargo. 

The price is always a factor that cannot be ignored. Both types of trucks can be very expensive, so finding the right vehicle that fits your business’ budget should be your first priority. Most SUVs are more expensive than most trucks and most auto insurance companies will tell you that SUVs will more often than not cost more to insure. So is a truck better or an SUV? The answer is that it really depends. 

Both a truck and an SUV will carry warranties on new purchases. Unfortunately, you cannot just go out a buy an extended warranty from companies such as if you are a business. At least not yet. That is unfortunate, as it helps save money on thousands of dollars of potential mechanical repairs. 

One of the reasons that SUVs cost more to insure is that the larger the load, the higher the cost to insure. This is why many auto insurance companies consider SUVs to be high-risk vehicles. Also, most SUVs have a shorter bumper-to-bumper height ratio than most trucks. This shorter height ratio makes the vehicle more difficult to stop when backing up or in the event of a collision. This makes the vehicle harder to control in a crash because of the large clearance. 

Another reason that makes SUVs better than a truck is the amount of “stick” power they have. Trucks rely mainly on their body strength to hold themselves together in case of an accident. That is why a large SUV will not only be easier to control in a crash, but will also absorb the impact much better than a small truck would. As a result, the risk of serious injury or even death is greatly reduced in a large truck accident because the driver is held up less by the body. However, that doesn’t mean that a small truck is completely safe. It only means that the safety features included in the vehicle can greatly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities related to driving. 

Finally, SUV’s have better safety features built into the structure of the vehicle. Many small trucks are designed with a hard bumper that doesn’t break as easily as traditional vehicles. These hard braced trucks also frequently include side curtain airbags, which front and back seat passengers can sit in to protect themselves from side collisions. A truck driver will also find that

the large tires of an SUV will minimize tire blowouts and the risk of rollover accidents in the event of a crash. The final difference between a large truck and a smaller vehicle is the material the truck is made of. A traditional vehicle is often made of metal such as aluminum, steel, or copper. An SUV is almost always made of plastic, which is why the name ‘SUV’ itself implies that the vehicle is for SUVs. The weight of an SUV makes it difficult to get a truck driver to climb in and out of the vehicle with ease, and that is why SUVs are often considered the better vehicle when compared to trucks. However, with the newer technology being introduced such as electric trucks, many people are gearing towards purchasing those because it saves money on gas but still can haul around large items. This is one of the reasons people choose trucks for the amount of space and cargo it allows. In the end, it is personal preference when it comes to choosing a reliable source of transportation such as a truck or an SUV.

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