Internships and Work Opportunities for International Students in Birmingham

Why Birmingham

People from all over the world come to study in Birmingham, which is the second-biggest city in the UK. The most recent numbers show that there are students from 120 countries learning at different universities in Birmingham right now. Our study abroad consultants help international students pick Birmingham as their place to go for their career. Keep reading to learn why we think students should choose this nice city for job opportunities.

Why should international students look for part-time jobs or internships in Birmingham?

Getting an internship or part-time job can help you figure out your future path. Here are a few reasons below:

Make Your Student CV or Resume Stand Out

Many employers prefer to hire people who have worked in the same field before. These student jobs give them an edge over other applicants in getting the work experience they need to get to where they want to be in their careers. In addition, it gives students an edge over their peers when applying for jobs at a company.

Earning More

Getting paid as an intern means extra cash. It also opens doors to work after school, easing money worries.

Selecting a Profession

Internships and part-time positions aid in understanding the profession and enable an individual to determine whether to pursue a career in that field or not. It also assists students in selecting their master’s courses.

Improving Your Skills

An internship can help you improve your hard and soft skills, which are crucial in career building.

Easing Into Work

A part-time job teaches key skills, making it smoother to move from school to work life.

Grasping Work Life

Internships let you see what work is really like. This helps in getting used to the work styles of different jobs.

Get insight into the operations and challenges

Part-time opportunities bring first-hand experience of the operations and challenges in the organisation, which helps prepare students for future roles.

Gives You Confidence during Placement at University

The experience and skills acquired from the internship will boost your confidence during university placements.


Getting to know new people and becoming close to them will help them learn about the different ways that interns do their jobs. It also helps you make useful links in the business world.

New Job Opportunity

If companies in the UK think you do a great job, they may offer you a full-time job. You need to get along with your coworkers, be enthusiastic, show appreciation, and leave a good image.

Types of Student jobs and internships

Birmingham is second only to London in terms of the total number of start-ups (more than 45,000 businesses in total) and there are over 1,000 shops within a 20-minute walk in the city centre. This means there are plenty of opportunities to get a part-time job, and we’re at the heart of all these opportunities—right in the city centre. These are a few part-time jobs or internships that an international student can take up:

Retail Jobs

Part-time work in retail is one of the most popular jobs for students in Birmingham. There are many shopping centres in Birmingham: Bullring, Grand Central, Mailbox—all these give so many opportunities. You can work either in a busy high-street chain or an upmarket store. The hours in retail jobs are often flexible; this is great for students who have to work and study simultaneously.

Hospitality Jobs

Birmingham is also home to a wide variety of bars, restaurants, and cafes that offer part-time jobs to students. If you enjoy working with people and have excellent communication skills, a hospitality job may be perfect for you. Whether you’re working as a waiter, bartender, or kitchen assistant, you’ll get the chance to interact with customers and develop your social skills.

On-Campus Job

Universities in Birmingham offer lots of part-time opportunities in terms of administrative work, work in the library, preparation of activity work, and so on. Also, in the welcome week or application season, schools recruit students as campus ambassadors for the smooth functioning of the event and to help with other work like early procurement layout in facilities such as the Arts Centre and Gym. Thus, in order to stay updated about the recruitment position, one should always refer to the official website of the school. The campus work is pretty safe and flexible, involving minimal night shifts with student colleagues. Salaries range from £60 to £80 per day, depending on the position and working hours.

Public Relations

The scope of PR involves media operations and publicity, which are commonly divided into two categories. The first category involves the institutions of learning, such as school clubs or organisational activities, which always require early promotional efforts by the students on social media pages. This usually calls for the creation of a Facebook page where invites are sent and event flyers are shared. The second type involves assisting companies with campus-wide promotions through roles like campus ambassadors or internships. These positions typically necessitate proficiency in various new media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Therefore, if you possess strong interpersonal skills and enjoy socialising online, pursuing a part-time job in PR could be an excellent choice, with a decent hourly wage ranging from approximately £15–20.

Freelancing Jobs

In the case of certain skills—like graphic design, writing, or coding—freelance job opportunities in Birmingham are possible. Freelancers like that they can choose their working hours since their work is, in general, project-based. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr do offer all sorts of freelance job offers.


Yes, you are not going to have time to comb the city of Birmingham, door to door, in search of part-time employment. You are going to be so busy with lots of activities and commitments, like studying and doing your chores, plus spending time with your friends. Thus, the best thing to do to find a good job is to ask your friends and other people you know, or you can opt to do it yourself by going online and surfing sites like Indeed and Find a Job! Keep in mind that to get a job in Birmingham or any place in the UK, you need a good CV and cover letter.

That’s all! There are a lot of part-time jobs out there for students in Birmingham. This can help pay for school and student accommodation in Birmingham. Look around well, and you’ll find a part-time job that fits what you can do and your time.

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