Important Types of Jam Filling Machines

The process of filling jars with jam requires a machine that agitates product in a supply tank. This process is vital to avoiding settling of particulates, which are seeds, chucks of fruit, or other food products. While particulates tend to settle to the bottom, the jam filling machine can still fill the containers. To avoid this, product agitators can be added to the supply tank. The agitators keep particulates from settling, which ensures that jam filling containers are completely filled with product.

PF6 is auger filling system

The PF6 auger filling system is an auger type that is used for a variety of jams, jellies and other jam-like products. Its low parallel flights and auger screw rotate at the right number of revolutions to fill a given volume into a suitable container. The PF6 is designed to integrate with a V.F.F.S. jam filling machine and is suitable for high-speed filling.

An auger filler is a device that uses an auger to dispense granular or powder materials into a jar. These fillers can handle liquids, semi-solids, paste, and granular materials. Some types of augers can handle a variety of materials including food, tobacco, and other delicate products. The auger filler is fitted with a motor and transmission that allow it to move containers reliably from one place to another.

The PF6 auger filling system features a large hopper for holding the product to be filled into the containers. The auger screw rotates inside the hopper, feeding and dosing powder product into the funnel. A hopper equipped with a rotating agitator blade is designed to ensure consistency in feeding powder product into the auger screw. A PF6 is a high-speed auger filling machine with a capacity of 75 cpm.

PF6 is servo-driven piston filling system

A servo-driven piston filling system is a type of liquid filling machinery that delivers a precise volume of product into containers. The servo piston filler is programmed to engage the piston for the exact volume of liquid, and can operate at a custom speed. This type of system helps fillers deliver consistent volume to bottles, and eliminates the need for a pneumatic or air compressor. A stand up pouch filling machine also eliminates the need for air dryers and maintenance. Another major benefit is that it can fill different bottle sizes.

The servo motor is the key to the precision and efficiency of a servo-driven piston filling machine. A servo motor allows liquid filling machines to accommodate a number of specialty applications, making them useful for a variety of industries. Moreover, the servo motor drive assembly ensures exact volume deposit, reducing the margin of error in volume accuracy to zero. Manual filling would take much longer than this.

The Hinds-Bock PF6 is a servo-driven piston filling system that features advanced controls. Its compact footprint allows it to fit into any small space and is easy to clean in place. Unlike conventional piston fillers, the Hinds-Bock Servo Filling Machine is designed to run faster and more efficiently than conventional piston fillers. Thanks to its servo drive technology, it can also be adjusted to maximize speed and spread, and eliminate splash.

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