Importance of Hair Colour Shades

When do we say hair colour shades, India what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A changed look? Beautiful tresses? etc. Well, hair colours are important to level up your hair game. Nowadays, everybody is going for hair colours to give themselves a more modern yet classic look. Natural hair is your precious accessory. Never forget that! Adding subtle hues to those tresses can enhance your skin tone, undertone, eye colour, etc.

If you wish to have a transformed look, you can go with shades that add vibrance to your locks. With that, we don’t mean to go for funky colours like blue, green, purple etc. Certain shades look with some skin tones. If you are new to hair colouring, you should go with neutral shades like brown, mahogany, blonde, etc. These are the shades that suit every skin tone. You don’t have to determine your skin tone with these shades. These shades look cool with every shade of skin.

Hair colours are an additional layer to your hair that protects it from environmental factors. We have experienced dry and damaged hair due to dust, heat, pollution, sun rays, etc. Hair colours limit the damage and protect our strands from such weather conditions. Now, you must be wondering whether hair colours damage our hair or not? Well, there’s a simple answer to it. It depends upon the hair colour you choose. There are a lot of hair colours in the market that claim to minimise hair damage. But not everyone does what he claims! In such situations, you must use natural hair dyes.

Hair dyes like Godrej Expert Rich Crème are 100% natural that minimise hair damage to a large extent. This hair dye not only adds colour to your locks but also fixes your hair issues. Thus, if you are new to hair colouring, it is always good to use natural hair dyes at curly hair salon san diego. Godrej dyes are available in five vibrant shades that are easily blended and give your locks the dimension and depth they deserve! Now that you know the importance of hair colours and which dyes to use, let us have a look at the best hair shades that suit Indian skin tones.

Hair Colour Shades in India – Top Hair Colours

The best thing about Indian skin tone is that every shade looks amazing on us! Be it brown, blonde, red, green, or purple, everything looks good. Below are the shades of brown that look amazing on Indian skin tones. Have a look!

1.                  Light Brown Hair Shade

Wish to have a brunette look? Well, your wish has been granted with this amazing hair shade. Light brown hair shade is your perfect pick if you want to have a shade of brown. It is a popular shade that gives a neutral variant of light. The best thing about this shade is that it suits every skin tone and undertone. The shade is neither too dark nor too light. It’s just perfect! So, sport the right look and make everyone go in awe with your tresses. Try out this hair shade now!

2.                  Dark Brown Hair Shade

It is a simple yet intense hair shade to try! This shade is perfect for Indian skin tones that hide your grey hair effortlessly. This shade blends seamlessly with your black hair shade so that it looks like the tresses aren’t coloured and are natural. You can enhance this hair shade by adding subtle hints of golden lowlights to it. This will add definition and character to your dark brown hair. Try out this shade and add warmth to your locks.

3.                  Golden Brown Hair Shade

Golden is one of the go-to shades of every woman. If you are also confused about which hair to go for, you can go with this shade! This shade always looks stunning and suits best with warm skin tones. The shade goes well with hazel eye colour and enhances the complexion. The golden brown shade is perfect in itself but still, if you want to level it up, you can add golden highlights in your hair to create a sun-kissed look. This is a great hair shade to go for! Try it now!

4.                  Caramel Brown Hair Shade

Caramel might be your favourite dessert. How about going for a caramel hair colour this time? Well, this sounds deliciously amazing to us! Caramel-brown hair colour is a fantastic mix of mahogany and golden brown that looks great with cool skin tones. This shade goes well with fair and dark skin tones and elevates your entire look. Caramel is a warm shade that gives a beautiful hue to your locks and makes them look elegant and alluring. This is one of the best shades for Indian skin tones for one to try!

5.                  Mahogany Brown Hair Shade

Mahogany is one of the coolest shades of brown. It suits cool skin tones and adds volume and style to your tresses. In this shade, the warm colour of brown is mixed with subtle red undertones to give you an overall gorgeous look. Do not link mahogany hair colour with burgundy. Both are different. Burgundy is a much brighter shade than mahogany. You can try burgundy shade as well to give your locks the trendy look they deserve. Try out this look now!

6.                  Ash Brown Hair Shade

Not everyone can pull off this hair colour! Ash brown hair colour includes a transition of blonde and brown. The shade has cool grey undertones that add depth and volume to your locks. This hair colour is a must-try for women having warm skin tones. This shade neutralises the yellows of your complexion with a cool shade. If you too have a warm skin tone, you can try out this shade and slay every look. Style your hair into waves to give it dimension. Try this shade now!

7.                  Cinnamon Brown Hair Shade

Revamp the brunette hair colour with this amazing shade. cinnamon brown hair colour is an artistic mix of milky brown and daunting red highlights. This shade suits cool skin tones. To bring more life to this shade, you can further enhance it by adding auburn highlights with red tones. Colour your hair in a balayage hair colouring technique to slay the red-brown hair look. Try out this trendy shade now!

8.                  Red Brown Hair Shade

Confused about whether to go for red or brown? We suggest you go for both! Red Brown hair colour is a perfect example of the seamless combination between these two shades. These shades have a wide spectrum of variations for you to experiment with. Isn’t that amazing? You can choose the dominant shade you want to have. For instance, if you have a warm skin tone, you can go for brown as the dominant shade with red highlights and vice-versa. Try out this amazing shade and give your locks the trendiest look of this season!

So, these are some of the best that suit Indian skin tones. The shades mentioned above go with every skin tone and undertone. Well, Godrej Expert Rich Crème has brown and mahogany shades that you can try. These shades are infused with Amla, Shikakai, Vitamin E, etc., that give your locks the required smoothness. The dye conditions your tresses and treats your various hair problems. Try out the above-mentioned shades and breathe life into your hair. Hurry! Try them now!           

Author: Siddhi Chothani

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