How to Win at Slots | 2021 Tips and Strategies

Are you a dedicate slot machine player, or just here for the fun side of playing? Either way, it feels good to win. Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games across the world and across the web. Beginner or a master, one is never short of good old tips and trick for how to maximize your chances at winning the game.

1.  Get Acquainted with the Slot Machines

Although they give an impression of a simple game and an even simpler machine, slot machines have a more complicated mechanism than you might expect. The ultimate goal of playing slots is to outsmart the machine, which is why it is extremely important to learn how they operate first. There are plenty of misconceptions about how slot machines work, including the most bizarre ones like claiming that some machines are loaded with money and some aren’t and therefore your gain depends solely on luck. Sloth machines are based on random number generator, known as RNG, which degenerates numbers at the moment you press the spin bottom, meaning that stopping the reels is just for the dramatic effect and it doesn’t actually have any effect on the outcome.

2.  Pick Wisely

None of the tips, tricks or strategies will be worth a thing if choosing the wrong casino, or even the wrong slot machine. It does not matter whether you are playing in land casino or online, it is essential to always inspect the casino’s background, look for all the available information about the reputation, owners, service providers, and so on. When it comes to online casinos, you should be additionally careful since there are many scamming websites intended to lure you by pretending to be online casinos. There are many software tools that can help you stay safe when playing online. However, the curse of choices does not end there. There are different slot machines with different themes, soundtracks, symbols, and other characteristics, but also different Return to Player, or RTP, rates, which is the information of your special interest, if you’re looking for a machine to suit your goals and playing personality.

3. Practice for free

Being a luck game, you might think there is no point in practicing, but you’re wrong. Each game requires experience and skill, so make sure to gain yours as soon as possible, and ideally — for free. if you’re playing in an online casino there are many options for so called ‘’free spins’’ intended to lure in new players, so grab a seat and spin like your life depends on it! Moreover, many casinos offer free rides too, which is a perfect change to learn how to win at slots without the beginner’s stage frights and fear of losing money right away. Playing for free is a perfect chance to test out your game personality, tips and tricks you heard about but never had the opportunity to use, and the casino atmosphere in general, without having to risk your wallet.

4. Keep on Open Eye for Near Misses

Scouting near misses is a good old trick among slot machine players. First, we have to break it to you right away – near misses give no indication of any future outcomes. However, nothing really does, so don’t fool yourself with loads of bogus tricks out there. Although scouting near misses does not maximize your chances at winning directly, it does add the intrigue to the game, and get you more excited and playful, which is the goal of the game.

5. “Prime the Pump”

Strategy of starting small to win big is also know as ‘’Prime and Pump’’. Prime the pump bettors play on a safe side, ensuring better chancing of levelling up. There is a debate among players on whether there is any benefit or this strategy in comparison to other, that is, if there is any payback percentage difference between ‘’priming the pump’’ and betting the same amount on every spin. However, even if there is not any statistical advantage of the betting pace in question, starting small will definitely protect you from premature and big losses, and help you remain in control of the game and rushing adrenaline which can prove to be detrimental for your pocket.

6 Stay within Your Budget

In line with protecting your pockets, you should always set the budget limits before starting any game. You’re allowed to have as much as fun you want, as long as that doesn’t mean you will eventually end up bankrupt. Just like with any other joy in life, moderation is the key. Always bear in mind that you’re gambling with real money. Therefore, if you hit the ground, it is okay to take a break — same applies for touching the sky. Slots are known to be the most addictive casino game, so try to always remain in control during the highs and lows by establishing your budget limits in advance.

Many people play slot machines, but so few of them are aware of the potential that this game can have if you dedicate a bit of your time and energy into acquiring the skills and knowledge needed for navigating the world of slot machines in the best way possible and therefore increase your chances at winning. So now when you had the chance to take a look at the list of tips and tricks we prepared for you, are you ready to feel out the casino vibe, hit the slots and earn some money?

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