How To Wear Boob Pasties Correctly

Things to keep in mind when you are wearing boob pasties for the first time

Getting to choose what you want to wear is a heavy task. Matching makeup with the selected costume plays a very crucial role in your outlook, especially during special occasions. Being at a party is all about having fun with your friends. It will be an asset to your fun time and nostalgic moments in the future if you get to wear the same model of clothes with your friends. Being confident in your dress helps you to shine during the parties. Boob pasties come under the non-avoidable category of material, especially during parties. 

Wearing the boob pasties correctly is very crucial while being dressed in silk or a satin dress. If you are planning to stay at parties that are all night long, then ensure that you wear your boob pasties correctly, so that you can be confident about yourself. These nipple covers are easy to wear and are comfortable. The following are some of the tips that will help you to wear your nipple pasties like a pro. 

Selecting the right size that suits you is very crucial while choosing nipple pasties. Another important point that has to be considered is the type of cloth material you are planning to wear. For example, if you are planning to wear a sheer top, you can wear nude nipple covers discreetly under your top. There are various models and designs available for nipple pasties. For example, if you are planning to go to a party with a mermaid theme, then you can wear the star-shaped sparkling nipple cover as an accessory to your outfit. It will be a perfect option if you choose to wear it. 

Always choose your boob pasties according to your outfit color and shape. You can select the size according to the percentage of support you are planning to keep for your breast. Make sure that you choose the pattern according to the idea of how much you want to reveal them. If you are planning on getting rave-specific pasties, you don’t have to worry about the quality. Compared to other models, rave-specific models are made of higher quality and are best suited for wearing during parties. 

The next important step when you are planning to wear your nipple cover is to ensure that your skin is clean. Before wearing the pasties, use soap and water to clean your skin properly. It is because if the skin has dirt, sweat, or oil in it, there won’t be enough grip for the pasties to stick on. Before sticking the pasties to the skin, ensure that the skin is completely dry. Or else, it affects the adhesive property of the material with the skin. You can use pasties to clean and dry your skin instead of using usual moisturizers or lotions.  

Make sure that you read the instructions provided properly. There may be slight variations in the process of applying the pasties according to the brand or model. That is why it is important to read the instructions carefully. During this time, you can try to figure out how to place and in which position you are going to wear your pasties. Your placement position is important because once you fix and place your pasties, it is difficult to adjust the position. The adhesive property of the pasties is only good for one-time applications. That is why you have to ensure your position before placing the pasties.  

If you bought the self-adhesive type pasties, first, remove its cover halfway and place the product at the desired place. If you bought the pasties that have separate adhesives, apply the adhesive on the product first and then stick it onto the desired location correctly. For self-adhesive type pasties, if you are happy with the location of your pasties, then you can remove the remaining cover and hold onto the product securely. Maintain the grip for a few seconds. This allows the pasty to mold on the skin curvatures correctly. Make sure that you symmetrically place the pasty on the other side.

The movement test is a very crucial factor that has to be done while you plan to wear boob pasties. This test helps you to make sure that everything is placed firmly in the right position. It also helps you to get away from the embarrassment of budging off pasties in the middle of the party. Your outfit is complete after going through the movement test. Boob pasties that are firmly stuck to your skin will help you to have more confidence in wearing any kind of outfit without worrying about the exposure of the nipples. The moment test helps you to have more confidence in your outfit. 

Why you should choose to wear nipple covers

The main advantage of wearing a nipple cover is that it is seamless. This helps you wear any type of cloth material, especially the satin and silk type. Wearing the right model is very crucial to your outfit. A nipple cover is an essential accessory that has to be in your wardrobe if you are planning to wear an open-back dress, especially in satin or silk material. If you are wearing the right undergarments and accessories for your outfit, you don’t have to be too much self-conscious because of the fear of nipple exposure. 

Seamless nipple covers help you to cover your nipple pretty well within the shape of your body. As it does not show any stitching lines, it shows off the beauty of the dress more. Make sure you check well about the quality of the product before purchasing them. Silicon is one of the materials that is largely used for making seamless nipple covers. It makes the product highly soft and comfortable for the skin. 

These covers are available in various skin shades. This allows you to choose the perfect one according to your skin tone. It can be used by people having dry skin. These nipple covers are available at affordable rates and are reusable. It can be reused by washing them correctly according to the instructions provided by the company. 


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