How to Use Number Balloons: All Possible Ways From Decor to Gifts

Number balloon compositions are a bright and attractive decoration of a birthday or anniversary. Floating figures like on please both little birthday kids and adults. Foil balls are self-sufficient and don’t need any extra decorations, but combined with latex items and garlands, and they look quite exciting. The only thing you need to worry about when preparing for the party is to inflate the balloons at a specialized outlet with helium or rent a gas bottle and blow them up at home yourself.


These decorations are in demand as they require minimal effort, and the structures are large and noticeable. If you make them at the height of 170-200 cm, the feeling is you have columns in the room. You can also attach one balloon to a weight and put together a bunch of colored balloons on ribbons of different lengths. To make your composition as vivid as possible, you may get any items of different colors.

Wall Decor

Girlish ornamentation is widely used for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or wedding anniversaries. Flowers made of inflatables look spectacular. The decoration can be made in the form of a flower meadow, complemented by the sun and clouds, and organically intertwined with balloons in the form of a number (for example, age number, anniversary dates, etc.). If the celebration is dedicated to a kid’s occasion, you may attach cartoon characters to a decorated wall.

Balloon Photozone

As long as you aren’t willing to have a tasteless area for taking pictures, you need to come up with something unusual, as just an airy construction on the photo will look trivial. For example, add some exciting props to the composition. You can also think of an original idea: let the balloons become part of a catchy story. If you think the numbered airy items won’t be appropriate here, you’re wrong. These balloons will always decorate any celebration and can match any style. Fancy decorating your photo area with inflatables can be done on contrasts. Install some unusual design in the hall for a photo in the style of high-tech, industrial, loft, or futurism. Let airy compositions soften the metal, concrete, and glass. Neon signs, brickwork, the wooden texture will complement the ensemble and create a unique look.

Number Props as a Gift

A foil ball inflated with helium, made in the form of a cartoon character, can become holiday ornamentation and a real friend for your birthday kid. By buying a giant balloon character, you will arrange an unforgettable celebration for your young one. They can play, dance with it, and take it as a part of competitions. Walking figures have special weights, so they don’t fly up to the ceiling and can walk on the floor, driven by air currents. To please the birthday child, you can attach a numbered balloon to the figure, and the fairy-tale character will congratulate him/her. 

Air Bouquet

Today, fresh flowers are increasingly replaced by air bouquets, and if you like this idea, you can put together a fabulous bouquet of different types of balloons that will last a long time. For example, number party props can be completed with foil stars and a few bright helium balloons well-matched in color.

Number balloons may be a perfect solution for any celebration. No matter what event is celebrated and where: these bright and fancy balls will fit in at home and outdoors and please children and adults. 

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