How to upgrade your listing score on Walmart

The application, approval, registration, and launch process for Walmart Marketplace partners is lengthy. This is only the beginning. A second component of the process is launching and listing your products.

In addition, listing your products on Walmart’s marketplace is not sufficient to guarantee sales. Listing optimization is vital if you want your rankings to improve and sales to increase. There are several ways to make your listing more optimized. You will learn how to improve each aspect of your product listing to boost search engine rankings from this quick guide. If you need more help related to improving your listing score or want Walmart account management services do contact Airtasker. 

How Does Walmart SEO Work?

“SEO” refers to the process of optimizing a website based on an algorithm. Simply put, you are optimizing your listing so that it will be liked by the search engine algorithm. It doesn’t matter how small a step you take – a catchy title, an eye-catching image, or bullet-pointing the features – everyone will eventually make your listing more appealing. In other words, Walmart SEO allows the algorithm to recognize your listing and if it finds it appropriate, it will rank it on top, which will lead you to win the “buy box”.

As long as you have implemented some other selling aspect in Walmart account management, your optimization efforts have succeeded, if you topped the result for the keyword that you have targeted.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Walmart Listing Score?

Understanding that your listing on Walmart is not enough is important. Therefore, the most important question is how are you going to rank your products on Walmart? You can reach your target audience by optimizing your listing with the correct SEO techniques. Optimizing your listings will lead to an increase in your ranking, and if you are ranked at the top of the search results, you are most likely to win the buy box.

Improve your Walmart listing score with these guidelines

You should take note of the following items:

Concise and clear product titles are essential

So even the listing portion is done, ensuring that the readability is perfect. The number of characters in a product title can affect its ranking in the search engine results. 

It is not appropriate for Walmart to display this information to its customers because they are so particular about the type of information they display. If you want it to be precise and creative yet appealing, make sure that the title includes relevant keywords that will appeal to the buyers.

Three benefits should be highlighted in the product description

Walmart permits sellers to have three of the most important advantages of the product in this section, which is a bit like a “highlight part” of the product. Proper keywords should therefore be incorporated here. It is here where you can add keywords if you forgot to add them to the title. Just be sure not to cram too many keywords in. Unless the writing is natural and rich, readers won’t be able to read it.

  • Bullet point 3 to 5 of the product’s most essential benefits.
  • Adding even one or two keywords would be great.
  • Ensure that the product information is understandable by adding specifics.
  • Make sure all bullet points are clear and concise.
  • Do not repeat the product’s name.
  • Write meaningful information and not meaningless data.
  • Don’t overuse keywords.
  • Correct any grammatical errors.

Short descriptions of your product are essential to win the trust of your customers

Shelf descriptions are displayed either above or below their short descriptions. An item is usually described in a way that is more appealing by a small paragraph of 8-10 sentences (or 500-1000 characters long). To outrank your competitors, you must put as much effort into this section as possible. Having a large word count will allow you to write a well-crafted and keyword-rich description that customers are most likely to be looking for.

  • You should include the brand name, product name, and possible keywords.
  • Be sure to earn the customers’ trust. Maintain a conversational tone.
  • The features of the product should be outlined in a paragraph of no more than 8-10 sentences.
  • Check your spelling and grammar.
  • Simple and understandable language is best.
  • Make your keywords relevant to what buyers are probably looking for.
  • Don’t copy other websites’ product descriptions.
  • Make it unique and appealing at the same time.
  • Provide useful information for customers in your description.
  • Identify the keywords that buyers are looking for.
  • Do not overuse repetitions. Keep it specific and informative rather than vague or fluffy.
  • Show authority by providing tips and facts, since you are assisting customers with their purchasing decisions. Write clearly and in a conversational tone.

All features should be listed in the product description

A detailed product description is another critical part of a product listing. The paragraph or list should include 250 to 300 words. You may use this generous number to highlight your know-how or expertise about your product.

  • The word count in this section should be at least 250 words.
  • Give a brief description of all the product’s benefits and features.
  • If there are any synonyms for the product, use them.
  • It should be natural to read, but use 1 or 2 keywords.
  • It shouldn’t be difficult to read the section.
  • Grammar and spelling errors should be avoided.
  • Give it a brief description using bullet points.

A high-quality product image is essential

Pictures say a thousand words, which is true, especially when used on an e-commerce platform, where 50% of the buyers’ decisions are based on them. This is why images should be of the highest quality possible.

Images that are attractive and of high quality enhance the authenticity of a product. In the absence of the ability to touch or feel your product, keeping the image attractive enough to entice the buyer to make a purchase becomes even more important.

It is also crucial to have more than three images of the product to increase conversion rates, in addition to keeping the product image of high quality. Also, the buyer gets a better idea of what the item will be like if he or she buys it.

  • Potential buyers are attracted to attractive, high-quality pictures.
  • A high resolution picture should be used for every picture.
  • The pictures should not have any boundaries.
  • Photograph the product image professionally, with excellent lighting and focus.
  • Show all angles of the product in the pictures.
  • Product sales increase with high-quality images.
  • Placeholder images should not be used.
  • Excluding extra accessories from a product you do not intend to sell is a good idea.
  • Walmart’s Trust & Safety standards apply to every image on its website

Product prices should be competitive.

When you have followed all the key factors above to present your product, the primary factor that determines whether it will rank on top or not is price. This is what helps in winning the buy box and maximizing sales. 

Check the price you quote against the Walmart buy box winners (or your competition) to better understand your product catalog. You can use this information to see how well your product would perform if you provided a more competitive price.


A business must work hard to sell its products and grow. Through Walmart Marketplace, you have access to a large platform that eases some of that pressure. It is important to provide value to your product listings to be competitive in the marketplace.

Still having difficulty ranking your products or having a low listing score, you can contact our Walmart management experts at Airtasker.

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