How To Prevent and Treat Health Issues at Your Desk Job

Desk jobs are careers that primarily involve sedentary work. These careers aren’t physically demanding and usually involve sitting for extended periods. These jobs are known as office jobs, and people with office jobs include bookkeepers, office managers, writers, and data entry clerks.

While many may associate workplace injuries with physical labor, people working desk jobs can also suffer from workplace injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is just one common workplace injury affecting people with desk jobs. Read on to learn how you can prevent and treat health issues at your desk job.

Use these tips to prevent health issues.

Office jobs have distinct challenges. For example, sitting for extended periods can cause back pain. Employees can reduce their chances of back pain by paying attention to their posture and using chairs with ergonomic back supports that prevent slouching. People who sit for prolonged periods can also reduce back strain by taking a short walk or moving to a standing desk.

Carpal tunnel syndrome’s another common health problem stemming from office work. Carpal tunnel syndrome’s caused by compression of the nerve that extends over the carpal bones. People affected by carpal tunnel syndrome can experience pain and other symptoms, such as numbness or burning, in their hands and fingers.

You can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by supporting your wrists and hands with wrist rests that prevent you from bending your wrist too far. Wearing a brace can also reduce strain, preventing injuries. Taking breaks to stretch and complete exercises to improve your hand strength will also help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can prevent workplace injuries by working for an employer with a corporate wellness program. Employee wellness programs can address various employee health issues, including physical wellbeing, mental health, occupational health, environmental health, financial health, and social health. Wellness programs are a corporate wellness solution designed to provide employees with resources needed to support employee wellness.

For example, a corporate wellness program focusing on physical health may provide employees access to an on-site gym or a gym membership, enabling employees to work out regularly and maintain their physical fitness. Companies with effective corporate wellness programs support injury prevention through workplace wellness plans promoting healthy behaviors. Some corporate wellness plans also reward employees for adopting healthy habits that reduce workplace injuries.

Consider these treatment options for workplace health problems.

health problems

Despite your efforts to embrace a healthier lifestyle and promote better health in the workplace, you may still need treatment for workplace injuries. Wellness activities and a healthy work-life balance may reduce your chances of developing heart disease and other chronic diseases, but even people in good health can get sick.

When you’re addressing health problems, you may consider CBD products. Cannabidiol (CBD) products include CBD oil, gummies, and tinctures. Before using CBD, talk to your primary care physician about the best CBD for arthritis or any other ailment. Although CBD products don’t contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to make you high, CBD products can conflict with some prescription medications, which is why you should ensure they’re safe for you before you start using them.

Ideally, companies with workplace wellness programs will provide exceptional health benefits, ensuring you can afford access to essential medical care. Depending on the nature of your health issues, you may see a physical therapist to address mobility issues and manage your pain. You may also opt to see a chiropractor to treat back and neck pain.

Some people struggle with mental health issues stemming from their work environment. Conflicts with colleagues can cause stress, leading to physical health challenges such as high blood pressure and digestive disorders. A therapist can help you identify your issues and develop strategies to manage your stress.

People working at desk jobs can suffer from physical and mental health issues. It’s possible to be proactive and prevent some health challenges. When necessary, office workers can consider various treatment options to address their health care needs.


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