How to Obtain St. Kitts Citizenship after a Golden Visa?

St. Kitts is one of the first countries to offer investors a “Golden Visa” for investments made. Subsequently, other countries adopted the experience of this state all over the world. The advantages of registration of documents in this country are the smoothness of all procedures and the relatively low cost. Secure your visa with a trusted Visa Agent Perth. Our experienced agents offer comprehensive support and guidance to streamline the visa application process efficiently.

St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment is a program designed for those who want to enjoy a high standard of living and develop their business. The country is small, so it is interested in attracting investors. In return, enjoying the beautiful beaches and mountainous terrain is possible. St. Kitts is a true paradise for those who love quality recreation.

Also, the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Victor Esik, notes that the country has favorable conditions for taxation. That is why even large companies do not hesitate to move their business there. Here the labor costs are relatively low, and taxes are minimal. Such an opportunity is a good foundation for the development of business.

Why it’s beneficial to apply for St. Kitts Citizenship

Obtaining St. Kitts Citizenship is common among those who aim to develop their businesses dynamically. There is a unique program available to get all the paperwork done. However, it is not only suitable for those who want to grow their business. In a small island nation, freedom and stability prevail. So if you’re going to escape from political tension and persecution to secure your property, choosing this country will be a rational decision.

Having St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship, which you can learn more about, further opens the way to immigration to Canada or the United States. In addition, passport holders in this country can qualify for a 10-year visa. Therefore, investing in this country will be a long-term investment, which will surely pay off.

It is also impossible to get past the terrific tax system. It is one of the main benefits of a small state. The income tax here is 0%. Similarly, there is no tax on wealth and inheritance. Therefore, this country’s choice is the best solution for those who intend to develop their business to attract new investments actively.

To join the program, receive the St. Kitts Golden Visa, and later be eligible for full citizenship, you don’t have to visit the island state. This possibility is a significant time-saver, which is very important for busy business people. 

Since the procedure is simple and well-established, it takes only 1.5 months (45 days) to get a document of this state. You can check all useful information about St. Kitts Golden Visa here –

What are the requirements for potential investors?

Despite the appearance of ease, all applications from potential investors are thoroughly checked. The documents will be denied if there is a suspicion of fraud or an attempt to evade tax prosecution.

So, the potential investor must be of legal age without a criminal record. It will also be required to prove that the investor legally obtained the money he invested in the country. In general, the requirements are standard and uncomplicated. Therefore, most applicants quickly pass this stage.

Now there are several ways to invest in the country. So it is possible to choose among the following ones:

  1. Investments in real estate. There are two options for the purchase of housing. In the first case, buying real estate worth 200000 dollars is necessary. Dispose of it (for example, resell) will be possible after seven years. The second option – buying real estate worth 400000 dollars. The right to dispose of such assets comes after five years. It is possible to choose a property for investment from a list made by the state. You need to make a deposit and wait for the approval. Once the deal has the “green light,” you can proceed to the registration of the purchase. Then you will be issued a document of real estate ownership, which will be the key to obtaining a passport from this state.
  2. Donation. It is made for a particular Sustainable Growth Fund. Its amount is $150,000. If his family members qualify for documents besides the applicant, this amount increases to $195,000. One application can include up to three dependents.

Obtaining approval is an essential step in getting documents from this country. It is only necessary to remember that there will be a security check beforehand. Also, choosing the second option, potential investors should understand that they will not get their money back. The donation goes to the state if the investor can sell the property in a few years. However, examples of many investors show that thanks to the rapid development of business in this country, such spending can be easily “repaid.”

Obtaining a Saint Kitts Passport

After an investor obtains a Golden Visa, the road to getting a passport opens before him. After that, it is just necessary to wait a few months, and the document will be ready. Also, especially for particularly interested investors, there is an accelerated procedure for obtaining citizenship. It takes only 60 days. The only thing is that they have to pay a small fee for the expedited processing of all papers. 

Obtaining a St. Kitts and Nevis Golden Visa is the first step toward discovering the benefits of the global world. Afterward, once you have received a country passport, you can easily travel to:

The list is very long; it includes more than 140 countries. If you already have citizenship, your family members can apply for it without any problems in the future. There is also a chance for everyone to make documents at once by including them in the application. And it can consist of not only children, parents, wife/husband, but also brothers and sisters. 

There are no strict requirements to stay in the country or to know the language. It means that you can live there comfortably and develop your business.

So, you have to apply and wait for review and approval. It is usually the case. After that, you need to pay the appropriate fees. It is the first step on the way to getting the documents. The prime minister signs the application for registration. After you receive it, you can start dealing with the passport issue.

Other features of procedures’ execution

Foreign citizens must designate a designee in the country to apply. It can be either an individual or a legal entity. It can act on behalf of the applicant, draw up contracts, and act as the primary contact person in the negotiation process. In addition, international marketing agencies can perform this function.

Thus, there are virtually no obstacles if you want to get a St. Kitts residence. The program for obtaining documents in this country is straightforward and well-established. This fact guarantees that you can quickly formalize all procedures and enjoy the favorable conditions of doing business in a few months, with the possibility of easy and convenient travel worldwide. In the future, your children will also be able to obtain citizenship in this country.

Thus, you only need to choose a quality intermediary and an option for investment. Then, it will be the beginning of drawing up all the necessary documents.

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