How to Notice a Fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 at Footlocker

There are numerous signs of a fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 that you should be aware of. These include an unsightly tongue tag, a slanted guarantee, and a noticeably thinner font. Authentic sneakers will not have these issues. If you notice any of these things, you should return the shoe immediately.

Authentic vs fake travis scott jordan 1

There are two primary ways to spot an authentic Travis Scott Jordan 1 from a fake. First, check the tongue tag. Authentic ones feature a cleanly-printed tongue tag while fake ones don’t. The fake tongue tag has irregular spacing and a much thinner font. The fake manufacturer would never let such an inconsistency leave the factory line.

Secondly, check the inside tongue label. This area is particularly important. Its shape is difficult to replicate. The inner tongue label can differ in thickness, tone, and shape, among other factors. A real one has an hourglass-shaped tongue label.

Another way to tell if a shoe is fake is by looking at its branding. The real AJ 1 is printed with a logo that is subtle, while a fake has a logo that is more pronounced and prominent. The suede material is also another sign of authenticity. It should move when rubbed, leaving a darker mark. The fakes do not have this suede effect.

Signs of a fake travis scott jordan 1

Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1s are some of the most popular sneakers. The reverse mocha colorway is especially popular among sneakerheads. But be careful, because fake versions are on the market. They are not as easy to spot as authentic pairs. So how do you spot a fake?

One sign of a fake is a thicker font with smaller letter spacing. Another is shinier print. The print on a fake version is also less visible. The Cactus Jack logo is also less visible and has less space than the real one. If any of these signs sound familiar, it’s likely that you’re looking at a fake.

Another sign of a fake is an unevenly shaped tongue tag. Genuine tags have wavy text, but never as wavy as the one on a fake. Also, the font on a fake Travis Scott Jordan 1 has strange letter spacing. These types of inconsistencies would never be allowed to leave a Nike factory.

The stitching on a legitimate Air Jordan 1 does not overlap the Dark Mocha panels. Fake Air Jordan 1s have stitching that is thicker and messier. These features are indicative of cheaply-made fakes made in the name of a brand.

Comparing travis scott jordan 1 to nike x travis scott jordan 1

When comparing a Travis Scott Jordan 1 to a Nike X Travis Scott Jordan 1, you can’t make the mistake of thinking that both are the same. While they have similar designs, they have some subtle differences. For example, the font is different on the two. A genuine pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1s will have a thicker font and more spacing between the letters. A fake pair will have much smaller font and less spacing between the letters.

Travis Scott has released numerous remixes of the Air Jordan 1 and has been a part of many other high-profile sneaker collaborations. His latest collaboration with Nike has included the release of two new silhouettes. One is a “Men’s X” based on the Air Jordan 1 and the other is “Women’s” in a colorway.

One pair is more subtle than the other, but both pairs feature similar design elements. For example, the Travis Scott x Nike X Jordan 1 Low has a “Sail and Ridgerock” colorway, which is similar to the “Mocha” version of the replica shoes. The colorway has a mixture of khaki and dark brown, while the “Reverse Mocha” colorway has a red tongue and heel.

Despite their similar look and era, the Nike X Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 is not an easy shoe to compare. Its design has some questionable elements, and the brand’s explanation is vague and unclear. However, despite the flaws in the design, Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 is still the most popular sneaker silhouette on the market right now.

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