How to Modify Your Dirt Bike Graphics and Why You Should

Dirt bike graphics have more function than simply adding style to the bike. Having a sponsor’s sticker easily visible on a clean and presentable bike can do wonders for a rider’s career. Even casual riders can benefit from decals and graphics when modifying a dirt bike’s look.

From adding a new look to the bike to showcasing a sponsor, decals can do more for a bike than most riders think. They can also help protect areas of the dirt bike, provide safety by making it more visible to other motorists, and keep it looking pristine.

Why Use Graphic Kits?

Adding a bit of style and flair to a dirt bike can go a long way toward keeping it looking presentable. Remember, a blank bike will only capture the attention of those wondering where the decals are. This situation can be a significant detriment for a professional rider carrying sponsors. It won’t affect a casual rider as much, but it also never hurts to add a little extra style when modifying your dirt bike.

Graphics kits come in various options, depending on the type of bike and intended use of the graphics. They include the following.

  • Full Kit
  • Trim Kit
  • Radiator Shroud Kit
  • Universal Background
  • Pre-printed Background

Each kit offers various styles and decal prints riders can utilize. Installing them is easy, but having a professional graphics shop handle the installation may be more convenient for some riders.

The most significant benefit to installing these types of kits when modifying a dirt bike is protecting the plastic underneath them. As plastic weathers from wind and sun exposure, it gets brittle and breaks easily. Not only will this leave a dirt bike looking unkempt, but it will also pose risks to the rider if any sharp plastic comes loose while riding. Adding decals over the larger plastic areas of the dirt bike will help protect the plastic from exposure to damage.

Installing Dirt Bike Graphics

Riders should observe the following tips on graphics installation for dirt bikes to help ensure they last and look great. A professional detailer is also an option for ensuring a dirt bike looks its best when modified with graphics.

The quality of the bike’s plastic components plays a significant role in modifying a dirt bike’s graphics. First, a rider should determine if the plastic on the bike will be replaced before installing new graphics. Decals are easier to remove from older plastic when using a heat gun to warm the decal. Be careful not to overheat the plastic when using this method.

New plastic will have a thin coating that needs removing before applying a decal. Rubbing alcohol, contact cleaner, or similar cleaners can remove this residue from new plastic. This residue is added to plastic at the manufacturer to prevent the plastic from sticking together. Always wash the plastic with soap and water to remove cleaning chemicals and improve decal glue adherence.

Finding Your Solution

Whether you’re installing dirt bike graphics to showcase a sponsor or give the bike a fresh look, it’s vital to weigh all your options before taking on the project. If the modifying project seems too hard to take on alone, seeking professional detailers to take on the job is a good idea. Always take your time when deciding which decal kit will work best for your dirt bike.

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